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Intuitive Eating (IE) - Whaaaa??

Friday, December 27, 2019

Good Morning Spark World! I hope this greeting finds you happy and ready to take on whatever the day brings. Remember - talk kind to yourself, you are the only person who talks to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year!

Now...this Intuitive Eating thing...what it means to me, because, let me tell ya, I did NOT do it right to begin with and I struggled yet again...until it clicked.

Note - I am not a dietitian or a nutritionist, I do know a number of them who do support IE and also support a counselor as part of IE (it's the dealing with the things/triggers that lead us to food/binge) - this is my journey and how it works for me. If it works for you as well - YAY! If you have different takes - YAY! I'd love to hear them and discuss! If it hasn't worked for you but something else has - also YAY! I'm excited for you!

So this IE thing - what the what??

IE is like taking a step back in time to a place that many of us probably don't remember. A place where we ate because we were hungry and stopped when we weren't. Where we said no thank you (or didn't open our mouth) when something else, even yummy snacks, were put in front of us because we weren't hungry. Where we ran, ok maybe toddled around, all day getting in to things, climbing on things, exploring anywhere we could get away from the adult hands that kept us safe. Where we slept when we were tired, ok, possibly passed out because we never stopped, and played pretty hard. A time when we didn't hold high emotional value on food, except maybe love, but in a healthy way - we knew those taking care of us loved us and they fed us - primal instinct. That's where this time takes us...but how does that work when we likely don't remember it?

Well, the fact is, it's hard. It's re-learning everything that we've had in our lives since the time we realized we had 'issues with food'. If that doesn't seem crazy enough, it's also realizing that IE isn't a 'free for all, neglect my body and not care about feeling good' type of living - in fact it's quite the opposite of most of those. It's realizing that, even though you can eat any danged thing you want without guilt, you should listen to how your body feels about it. It's about being able to exercise because you found something you love that also builds your body, not pushing through things you hate just to look a certain way. It's about acknowledging that food is something that is to be celebrated and is great to enjoy for celebration but also is likely a coping mechanism for something more we need to deal with in order to honor our mind and soul while building a strong amazing feeling body - that's pretty difficult, but for any level of success in anything, it's imperative. The biggest thing that's difficult for me is throwing away the image I have made for what size I should be, what number I should see on a scale, or what I should look like - I have to, and continue to have to, learn that my size is personal to me and I may not have a clue what it actually should be.

So that's the challenge of IE - what are the benefits...well let me tell you! The benefits are that you FEEL great. You are so in tune with your body that eating and exercising become something that you thoroughly enjoy without guilt or animosity. It's about being present in moments and enjoying ALL of them, yes food included if that's part of it. It's about working through things that have shaped us emotionally so that those things don't control our actions in a way that make us feel ashamed, angry or bitter. It's about focusing on moments in life, not obsessing about all things food or what we can/can't have, when we can/can't have them, or if that makes us a good or a bad person.

So how does this work? Check the info graphic for the 10 concepts - then know there's more to the story. I'll dig in deeper to each concept and the things I've learned in future blogs.

This is still a very front of mind thing for me as I did what is very normal at first and that was grasp on to the 'good' things about IE and disregarded the whole of the concepts. I learned, and I'm moving forward...this is my journey and you're invited and welcome to come along for the ride and also share yours! Friends - this life is about continuous learning and support along the way is what makes the journey that much smoother.
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    Progress not perfection!
    393 days ago
  • RENEE7575
    Love this! I have just started reading the Intuitive Eating book this week and am getting a lot out of it. Actually, I started a starch based vegan protocol in early October (purely for health and ethical reasons) that teaches that you don't count calories or measure portions, you eat when hungry and until satisfied, however many times that may be each day. I had a really hard time giving up my dieting behaviors! I did McDougall AND tracked my food here on Spark. AND measured all my portions. And then restricted my food if I thought I had eaten too much already, even though Dr. McDougall insists you don't do that.

    Over time, I started to ease up on my restrictions, and felt a LOT better. I googled "intuitive eating" because that's what I felt I was naturally moving toward doing...only to find out that it's a "thing!" I was thrilled to get the book and start learning more. Now I am just getting started with IE but I can tell it's absolutely life-changing work.

    So glad I found your page! I don't even know what path I followed to click here, must have been fate! I am going to add you as a friend to follow your journey. You are an inspiration! emoticon
    393 days ago
    Interesting blog - thank you for sharing emoticon emoticon
    394 days ago
    394 days ago
    394 days ago
    Thanks for the input
    394 days ago
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