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Success - What does it Look Like

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

2019 will always be known as the year I learned what real successful weight loss means to me.
First it requires making a commitment which I not only say I will do, but know that I will not give up, no matter what happens during the year.

Second, it requires a plan. And that plan has to be something that I will do everyday. I plan my food intake, I plan my energy output, I write the plan down, and I assess every evening. And if I don't follow my plan, I take a look to see where I can change it a little bit here and there. The plan has to be something that I know I can do for the rest of my life. It is my plan only, and it is not filled with calorie counting, diet gimmicks, good or bad foods, crazy exercises, or expensive foods.

Third, I have a very compelling reason why I want to lose weight. I write that reason everyday, sometimes even more than once a day. I write this over and over until it is in my head. It is there to automatically remind me that when my motivation feels a little weak, the reason why I am doing this automatically comes to mind.

Fourth, I have learned that successful weight loss requires getting comfortable with times during the day that I will feel uncomfortable. It means that having urges and cravings is actually just a thought that starts in my brain and then becomes a physical response. And once the chemicals of that response leave the body, I know that the urge or craving will die down.

Fifth, I now know that the most difficult part of weight loss is gaining control over the automatic thoughts that float across my brain. It means that I now know that when I have the thought that I don't want to stay on plan, that is just my brain wanting to take the easy way out. It means that I am now able to access the part of my brain that makes decisions and choices that I choose to do to keep me on plan all day. And I have finally been able to stop playing the victim to my impulsive brain -- the part of me that wants instant gratification.

Sixth, I have learned that I can apply all of my new ways of planning and choice making, and changing thoughts to all areas of my life, which is awesome because now that I am within 20 pounds of my goal weight, I can now start working on even more exciting dreams.

So 2020 is my year of reaching my goal weight. And it is my year of focusing on something other than losing weight. It is the very first time in my life that weight loss is no longer the main focus in my life. I feel like I have finally found my own personal secret to success. I hope that everyone is able to create this for themselves this year.
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