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Another birthday in the books!

Friday, January 03, 2020

Wowee...thank you ALL so very much for your goodies and good wishes for my birthday today!

It was another bittersweet event without my darling husband by my side. I'm so thankful for the memories that come up on Facebook because I found a memory that he posted on Facebook and it was just so lovely...like he sent it from the heavens to make sure I received it.

I tried to copy and paste it into this blog but that didn't work so I shared it on Facebook and I'll just tell you what it said.

It was the shape of a heart and he had written inside of the heart Don wrote:

"Happy Birthday to my better half. She is my everything. Can't imagine me without her."

It just made me tear up...because on this day...my birthday I really can't imagine me without him...sigh!

But it WAS a message from my sweetheart and I was so happy and thankful for it on this special day.

A few of my friends and I went to a lovely Greek restaurant to celebrate my birthday. I share the month with my special sister-friend (who couldn't make it tonight) and her momma.

I get such a kick out of momma Carol...she is just so cute! You saw some pics of her in my Christmas blog. She loves being silly and loves her hats. I got her this little birthday crown as part of her birthday card...she loved it!

So tonight was nice. I had the MOST delish lamb chops with lemon potatoes and asparagus and then for the birthday gals we both got a fabulous dessert of baklava and ice cream.

YUM...I couldn't eat everything so I brought it home for leftovers. I'm not really sure when I'll get to it. Tomorrow I have dinner with the old gang and will take scalloped potatoes.

Here is momma Carol...isn't she adorbs? She knows just how cute she is!

Here is a pic of me that Susan snapped....68 years old...oh my...I don't feel that old...at least on some days! emoticon

So I had a lovely evening with my friends. Would I have rather my handsome hubby be by my side...absolutely...but I know he is walking beside me every day along with my amazing son. I hope they observed the evening together because that gives me great comfort.

I'm still bumbling along...but what other choice do any of us who have lost great loves of our lives have.

We have the compassion and love for each other that our great loss opens up in our hearts. We have the wisdom to share and pass down on how we survive so that anyone else who will face this horrific challenge can read and draw from our stories.

Do I like being a teacher on this particular subject..heck no...I'd much rather be teaching you how to chalk paint an old piece of furniture or teach you how to make a lovely pair of earrings...but this is the topic I'm stuck with right now.

Grief...stinkin' rotten terrible grief...that's the subject in Bobbi world right now. I hope I can survive it and heal and show all of you...my beautiful friends that it is possible.

Big love to all of you! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Bobbi, I am sorry I missed seeing this on your birthday and missed the chance to say happy birthday in a timely way, but I'm glad I found your blog today so that I can wish you much happiness during your next year on Earth. I am so sorry you have had to go through all these milestones in the previous months without your beloved Don by your side, but as always, I have to say I admire your courage in keeping on keeping on. I'm sure that despite your own grief, you bring joy to the people around you, like the lively group in these photos. Thank God there are such loyal, loving friends in the world--and good food and funny birthday hats!

    You look great, my dear!
    27 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    We have been VERY ill, so a belated birthday to you! Mine is next Monday.. we are close, but I am the first day of Aquarius, you are Capricorn.
    32 days ago
    We share a January birthday (though different astro signs). Mine is the day before my mom's, though she's not feeling well enough to have anyone but me over. No party, just cake lol. I've made it in the nick of time to wish you a belated birthday.

    I've been swamped with long hours, so have been remiss on keeping up with friends, though I've been tracking nutrition and fitness since I returned.

    Bobbi, you do not look 68. And I love momma Carol. So adorbs!!! I'm really glad Don was able to send his wish through Facebook. These tears keep our spirit flowing, such as it is. Like a river that is clear and vibrant and bright because it is moving, rather than the stagnant pools where pollywogs live (but they're cute, too).

    I've got to tweak my SparkPeople notifications. I used to get an email when you blogged. Hmmm...I see a "subscribe to this blog" below this comment box. Hopefully that will solve it. I want to check in when you are able to yourself. Sending love and hugs to my beautiful, courageous, compassionate, sparkling sister-friend.
    35 days ago
    Oh, dear! I missed your birthday. Well, Happy Birthday, Bobbi--keep celebrating! If you're bumbling along, my Sweet One, you're doing it sooo well. I'm so proud of you. Glad you had a good birthday celebration. And may Don keep sending you sweet reminders of how wonderful you are.
    37 days ago
    Belated Birthday wishes to you. You are absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad that you were able to spend the evening with wonderful friends. Don and Josh are with you today and always but it doesn't make it any easier when they are not here in human form. Prayers to my dear sweet friend!!
    39 days ago
    Happy belated birthday!! emoticon
    40 days ago
  • 1958TMC
    Happy belated birthday for sure!!! You are a beautiful birthday girl that does not look like 68 years old!! Hang in there, you are taking life one day at a time, as you should right now. I wish all of your spark friends could gather round you for real and give you a HUGE, HUGE GROUP HUG!! emoticon
    41 days ago
    emoticon YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.
    43 days ago
    That picture of you is awesome!!!
    43 days ago
    I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday - at least on the surface!
    43 days ago
    Happy belated birthday! You look beautiful!
    43 days ago
    emoticon sorry I am late! You are doing a fabulous job at everything! You are a bright and shiny star!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    43 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    43 days ago
    Happy belated birthday. Thanks for sharing your story and pictures! Eden
    43 days ago
  • LINDA!
    What a terrific birthday dinner! I am so happy that you enjoyed it
    43 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    Happy belated birthday. I know your dear husband is always with you in your heart.
    43 days ago
    how did I miss you Birthday Blog?!?!? emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    So glad you had a good time with your friends, aren't they the best ever?!?!
    44 days ago
    Happy Birthday, so glad you had those friends to celebrate with you. And love Momma. and yes she look good in her tiara.
    44 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    Bobbi I was going to send you birthday wishes yesterday but we lost our power before I could do it. It lasted so long we just went to bed.

    So I am now sending you belated birthday wishes and hope your day was spectacular which I know you deserve.
    44 days ago
    emoticon belated but sincere emoticon
    44 days ago
    So happy to hear you had a good day and were able to celebrate yourself. Your strength, tenacity and beauty. Happy birthday. emoticon
    44 days ago
    Belated emoticon ! Lovely pictures and so glad you
    could spend time with special friends. Your loved ones are
    there in spirit and I know you feel them around you.
    Live goes on, dear Bobbi so keep smiling! HUGS!
    44 days ago
    Dang sorry I missed your special day .. I have you in my birthday book as today .. oops
    thank you for sharing your amazing evening with friends .. you my friend look fabulous .. totally fabulous ..
    Oh and yes you are right Carol is a sweet little gem .. I can see the mischief in her pretty little face .. I aspire to be the same .. creating a little magic, mystery and chaos where ever I go .. people need to be lifted up .. caught by surprise and made to smile ..
    its a pretty serious and sad world .. (life and death events can dull our spark and shine to the point that we barely drag our beautiful butts through each day ..

    imagine that there is an imaginary cord from your heart to the heavens and it connects those loves of ours that are with us when ever they cross our hearts and minds ..
    forever protecting and guiding our paths ..
    my new 2020 morning ritual is
    I call on who ever wants to say good morning when I say my prayers sending good energy into the day ..
    as they appear in my minds eye I say their name aloud ..
    yesterday I was shocked to have the face of the young man that died of cancer probably 1968 .. a few years later my dad was playing poker with his dad .. my dad won "Doug"s volkswagon it was my first car 1970 when I was 16
    there was Doug's face smiling at me .. his VW was my first of 8 .. I have a new one in my garage right now ..now that I think of him .. I bet he rides with me ..

    Grief is love turned inside out ..
    but what if heaven is our Home .. and this earthly adventure is "school" ..
    thinking outside of the pain brings me comfort and power ..
    as it does you too I know ..

    I'm glad you had a fun birthday .. heavens blessings headed your way ..xo
    44 days ago
    Happy Birthday! Looks like a great group to celebrate a birthday! Wishing you a year filled with love, hope and faith! emoticon
    44 days ago
    44 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    So glad you have good friends around. I have a few 'sisters from other misters' who have helped me through so much, some have been in my life since 7th grade!

    44 days ago
  • EISSA7
    Happy #68 years young! emoticon I love that you are so open to receiving signs from your son and husband that they walk beside you...because they surely do! Your inner strength shines thru your blogs. emoticon
    44 days ago
    Happy birthday, Bobbi! I am glad that you found the Facebook memory from Don, and glad that you spent time with your friends and had a nice dinner out

    44 days ago
    If you ever need me, please reach out. You have my personal email address. It doesn't have to be for any reason, just to reach out to someone who has been there many times. Big hug, birthday girl.
    44 days ago
    Happy Birthday. I am so sorry for your loss of your husband and your son.
    44 days ago
    44 days ago
    Happy Birthday Beautiful!!
    44 days ago
    Happy birthday!! You look beautiful.❤️💕💐🎂
    44 days ago
    Happy Birthday Blessings to you 🎂 Thank you for sharing your🙏🏾
    44 days ago
    Happy birthday! emoticon You are doing great!
    44 days ago
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