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Frustration Sets In

Saturday, January 04, 2020

Isn't if frustrating when you are trying to do something good for yourself and you can't get the information you need to do it? It has definitely been a challenge for me so far this year keeping a food journal, although I am doing it. What I find really frustrating is when you need the nutritional information from a food you ate at a restaurant and it is nowhere to be found. I had to estimate by going through and searching for items close to what I ate. I have to give myself credit for trying.

I realize that even if a restaurant would provide the information that it may not be accurate because I am sure that they don't weigh and measure every portion they serve. At least it would give us an idea. Even if it wasn't completely accurate it would help.

Guess the lesson here, is to eat at home!

I have also noticed that a lot of foods don't show certain information on the nutritional labels. I have to watch my vitamin k and potassium also. I have found that not all of the nutrition labels contain information on potassium and I haven't found any that show Vitamin K.

I am learning and I know that I will find ways to work this all out. I just find it frustrating when I am not sure what to do or how to count something. I have just been making little notes on the bottom of my food journal stating that it is a guesstimate.

For right now I am mainly focusing on keeping a journal and seeing what I am actually putting in my mouth. I can already tell that by being honest with what I am eating, even though it is just to myself at this point in time that I am paying closer attention when I am putting things in my mouth.

Doing this blogging is also making me aware of my goals and what I am doing to reach them. I want to be able to go back and compare my blogs just as I am going to do with my food journals.

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    Yes, I find that when I eat out, I have to estimate on my food tracker. So I try not to eat out too much. It's much easier when I can plug in a recipe on Spark Recipes, so I use that a lot and I recommend you try it. That way you get a really accurate count of what you are eating.
    575 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    I did penguin walking on the sheer ice in my driveway. Even with ice cleats on my shoes, it can be challenging to remain upright. It got done, warming up as I write this. emoticon emoticon
    575 days ago
  • RAMONA1954
    When I eat out and the calorie and nutritional information isn't available, I try to break the dish down in its individual parts and enter them in my tracker. I at least get an idea of the counts.
    575 days ago
    Yes, I have eaten out much less frequently and am happy about it.
    575 days ago
    you're aware of what you are eating, to me that's half the battle! emoticon
    575 days ago
    Well done .. great blog
    to log foods .. then review is powerful knowledge ..
    we learn so much about our sweet selves ..

    what if you researched the foods rich in Vitamins K .. ( it coagulates blood does it not ?)
    ... as well as the high potassium choices you could choose which menu options had less of those ingredients to be able to make the best tasty choice ..
    I think we need the variety of being able to eat out to keep the social side of us happy .. to be able to treat ourselves ..
    Have an amazing day .. thanks for your blog

    575 days ago
    All you can do is your best. Good idea to keep logs so you can monitor changes.
    575 days ago
    You're doing so well!! Even at best, the food log is a guesstimate. I think we realize this the more we do our tracking every day. When my husband and I discussed never going out to restaurants any more for the sake of precision, we both realized that staying home to eat all the time was neither reasonable or satisfying. We want our food tracking to be sustainable over the long run so it was important to us both that we negotiate occasional restaurant and other meals away from home. If the decision about where to dine is left to us, then we choose our own home or a restaurant that we're familiar with that posts nutrition facts along with the menu choices. If neither of those choices makes sense because of the circumstances, we confer with our company and maybe wind up in unknown territory. But, not all is lost because, over time, we've learned what restaurants in general serve and aren't shy about requesting that any menu item be prepared in a custom manner to reduce the calorie load. We've also learned what sensible portions are and this, too was gained over time by weighing and measuring our food. What I'm saying is, our best guess is really good enough and I think yours probably is too by now. So, my counsel is to go out and learn how to enjoy eating away from home and stay in bounds 80% of the time at least. We shoot for staying in bounds 100% of the time of course, but it seems to actually work out for us about 80% of the time. Tracking keeps us very mindful of our eating. That's a good. good thing!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    575 days ago
    Good for you !
    I think that you are doing GREAT !
    Happy New Year 2020 !
    575 days ago
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