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Thursday, January 16, 2020


THU 1/9: cal in: 2335, cal out: 2252, carbs: 66, pro: 218, 54%/36%/11%
FRI 1/10: cal in: 1651, cal out: 2590, carbs: 6, pro: 110, 71%/28%/1%
SAT 1/11: cal in: 3306, cal out: 925, carbs: 16, pro: 238, 68%/30%/2%
SUN 1/12: cal in: 1903, cal out: 1979, carbs: 9, pro: 95, 77%/21%/2%
MON 1/13: cal in: 2464, cal out: 1957, carbs: 12, pro: 138, 75%/23%/2%
TUE 1/14 cal in: 2630, cal out: 3480, carbs: 27, pro: 150, 72%/24%/4%
WED 1/15: cal in: 1994, cal out: 2370, carbs: 15, pro: 132, 70%/27%/3%

Daily Average:
cal in: 2326, cal burned: 2222, carbs 22, pro 154, 70%/27%/3%

My caloric range is 2000-2400. My daily average this week was 2326 which is where I want it. It was a little bit higher than last week, but my calories burnt are much higher this week. My average daily calories burned was 2222. More than double last week's numbers. My carbs are back where I want them. I REALLY want them to be below 20... but 22 carbs (total NOT NET) is pretty good. I'm pushing to get them lower. My protein was a higher than I want and 10 grams higher than last week. I need to work on that. My macros look "okay" but I truly want to see 80%/17%/3%. I've got the carb percentage where I want it. Need to adjust the fat & protein.

Week 6 WEIGH IN: SLEIGHBELL SLIMDOWN: weigh in: 272.4 lost 7 pounds.
I believe that it reflects the water weight gain from last week & shows the true weight. I am happy with my week of exercise & eating.

Today I am grateful for:

1) an excellent therapy session. I believe in working hard during my therapy and I believe that is why I find it successful. I'm very grateful to my therapist.

2) I was able to borrow the money that I needed to pay for my rent with the understanding that I will pay it back on Thursday the 23rd. That was when I would have been paying the rent anyway, but I wanted to make sure that it got paid in advance since my rental agent was being so unreasonable.

3) I had 5 hours of great fitness time at the Y today. I am feeling energized. I am so grateful for a job that I love and the people that I get to work & exercise with.

Today is weigh day for my team. I am still waiting on some stats. However, I am pretty happy with the results that I am looking at.
Thanks for taking the journey with me. Bright blessings to you all.

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