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Sunday, January 19, 2020

TLDR; I want to stretch more because a lifetime of walking improperly have led to shortened muscles / tendons causing leg, hip and back pain, poor posture, poor gait, and poor stability.


As I've been exercising I've been noticing a lot of different kinks in my body that seem to have compounded over the years.

I've always known both my legs were very tight - even as a kid. I remember doing the Presidential testing in school, and the one where you sit on the floor and stretch? Yea.... it just wasn't happening for me. Even before that, though, I recall someone mentioning my gait. I would have been in 2nd or 3rd grade, walking down the hallway to use the restroom, and an older kid and his friend made fun of me for "walking like a duck" --- isn't it weird how the most mundane things sometime stick with us?

During my teenage years I would get a loooot of leg aches, which I assumed were 'growing pains'. When I started working, my first two jobs had me running around on concrete / tile floors all day, and I definitely didn't have proper footwear. I'd often come home with my feet and legs killing me, but I just thought that was pretty normal after putting in a good 10 or 12 hours of hard work.

Fast forward to today and my current occupation has me once again on my feet for a majority of the day (not complaining, I love that, no way could I survive sitting in a cubical) although I don't notice leg pain nearly as much.... Well I still to this day notice I walk a little like a duck, swinging my feet out rather then picking my knees up (another thing that I'll be working on, first indirectly and then hopefully more directly)

But I thought that maybe the occasional stretch I had done in the past, with the additional activity of constantly walking walking walking over the years had helped with the fact that they aren't as painful. Well, in fact I think that my initial thought was wrong ---- after stretching the past couple weeks I realize the pain was gone because it shifted. I've been rotating my hips externally, moreso the right one, and recruiting different muscle groups to compensate for the weakness and shortened tendons in my leg.

I've also notice just how weak my core muscle are, and I'm sure this is another cause of my back pain and past injuries (nothing major thankfully, just the occasional pulled muscles and week of being stiff and sore) but it also leaves me prone to future injuries and is probably both a contributor and result of poor posture.

So I've updated my goals and I'm excited for them, stretching really feels incredible - I don't know why I never set aside time to do it, I've always loved how great I feel afterwards even moreso than a good workout. Anyway, I found a fun app on my phone that has a variety of stretches, and another app specifically designed for doing the splits (don't think I'll ever get to that point lol BUT it has a lot of great stretches in it).

I always thought my legs were really strong - but in reality I was shifting all my weight into a few of those 'really strong' muscles and all the rest have been completely neglected. We've got work to do!
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  • OOLALA53
    Glad you feel inspired! You will be so grateful as time goes on you recognized and worked on the problems. So lucky that you're getting it while you're young!
    14 days ago
    For sure lower back pain can be attributed to a lack of core stability. Adding all kinds of ab work would be beneficial to you. I like yoga a lot and use those exercises or asanas to get the job done, like doing plank instead of crunches. Spark has a good variety of yoga poses in still pictures and videos, I think, but if you want to seek outside of Spark for some yoga, I have found DoYouYoga.com to be a good source and they have free things to view.
    69 days ago
    Great insights into your body and what it needs!! Best of luck on reaching all your goals!!
    emoticon emoticon
    77 days ago
    Isn't it FUN to become more aware of the body??? As a healthcare professional, you are in a great position to model good self care to those you interact with daily.....and STRETCHING is the gift that keeps giving.....so KUDOS Friend!!! I have a love/hate with my foam roller....mostly LOVING how I feel after! emoticon I am cheering you on over here emoticon
    77 days ago
    I need to stretch more too, you are right.
    77 days ago
    It's a wonderful thing how you're very conscientious about all you do and how it affects your body. It is sad as we are growing up how there are always ignorant and rude people of all ages. Then there are the bullies too. I don't recall myself having anybody poking fun at me when I was growing up. I guess I was one of the fortunate's. .
    You have to be careful of injuries. Warm ups are always an important thing before you stretch, I hope you do that. You appear to be a person who wants to do everything right.
    I wish you the very best on Spark. emoticon emoticon emoticon

    77 days ago
    You are definitely in tune with your body. This reminds me to stretch more!
    79 days ago
    My brother had shortened tendons when growing up. He had a lot of physiotherapy, and finally surgery when he was 12. I remember a lot of exercises with a physio ball. Good luck on your goals!
    79 days ago
    yes stretching is divine . Hugs
    79 days ago
  • no profile photo CD24558803
    Best get guidance on what to do to make things better
    79 days ago
  • LORI-K
    Stretching is super awesome and I don’t do it nearly enough, myself. I’ve learned good stretching and static exercises through my chiropractor. WTG on recognizing what your body needs. You’ve got this!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    79 days ago
    Definitely a good idea to get evaluated. Maybe there's help! And good for you for working on stretching.
    79 days ago
    If you haven't already I would definitely see a doctor and or chiropractor. They may even suggest you work with a physical therapist as well.
    79 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    79 days ago
  • no profile photo MLR_00
    80 days ago
    Good job identifying an area that needs some work and likely some guidance from your medical care team. Hope your hips and legs feel better soon. Hang in there!
    80 days ago
  • PIZZA5152
    Good observations and all the best in changing some of this.
    80 days ago
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