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It's really not that hard....

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Today my trial period of 2020 is over and it's time to get to work of the goals I've been toying with in my head.

First and foremost get back on track with WW. It works and I know it does. It just takes a bit of effort on my part. It's really not that hard and I know that and I need to stop thinking that one day I'll just start losing without changing anything.

Second stop sitting around watching TV, online shopping and thinking about how great things will be once everything falls into place. It's not going to fall into place. I'm going to have to put it in place. If I want a house that is not a disaster....stop waiting until it is a disaster before doing anything. It only takes a few minutes to accomplish most of the chores I put off until it takes more time and energy to get it done. Tired of moving crap from one place to another....stop buying more crap. I should just box it up and have that yard sale this spring I've talked about the last 3 winters. I can put the money I make from it on a credit card bill and work on paying them all off. And finally if I stop watching TV all day, I won't run out of things to watch and spend hours mindless flip though channels in frustration which drives me to eating and shopping out of boredom.

It's really not that hard.....

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