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What to do? What to do?

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

I can't believe it... I had almost finished writing a whole blog, when I accidentally closed the tab and lost it. I won't try to recreate the whole thing, but will keep it a bit shorter this time.

I was trying to blog daily, but my life really isn't that interesting, so I thought I'd try blogging weekly. A couple of supportive friends have reached out lately to see if I'm still on track. Thanks for the support, kind Friends - you know who you are!!
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The good news is I'm still using the Nutrition Tracker to track everything I eat and drink daily. My exercise "Spark Streak" that I began on Dec. 30th is still going well. Even though I don't feel like getting "extra" exercise every day, I still do it and I ALWAYS feel better afterwards!!!

Where I've struggled is with calorie intake. On 3 days since Dec. 30th, I have gone over my calorie limit. One time was when I made a tracking mistake and thought I had used fewer calories than I really had. I tracked 'Salmon patties, Baked' instead of 'Salmon patties, FRIED,' which made a big difference and by the time I realized my mistake, I had already eaten more calories than I should. The other two days were when I was having GI distress and only wanted comforting foods (carbs) and beverages (sweet tea) and I went over my calories those days.

The first few weeks after I started these healthy changes (on Dec. 30th), I lost 6 lbs. fairly quickly, then I lost one more pound, but this past week, I only lost 6 ounces. I am a bit discouraged at this point. I know what I need to do - I need to stay within or under my calories goals!!! It is so easy to let extra calories "sneak in," especially when you're not feeling your best. I have to guard against this.
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Today, I had already tracked Everything I was going to eat All day. THEN, as I was writing this blog, my husband asked me to go to Zaxby's for lunch with him today. ACK!!!! I've just spent time perusing their menu for healthy options. My lunch today WAS going to be a salad at home for a little over 300 calories. The lowest calorie option for a salad at Zaxby's is 530 calories (without Texas Toast) Before the dressing (their lite vinaigrette has 35 calories).

What to do, What to do??? emoticon
If I go out to Zaxby's with him, it will mean I will have to eat less of the yummy homemade beef stew I'm cooking for dinner tonight. emoticon
Truthfully, I'd rather stay home, eat my low-cal salad for lunch and have a bigger portion of beef stew tonight, but I almost always say "No" when he asks me to go out, so I will go with him and have a small portion of beef stew tonight and maybe some more for lunch tomorrow.

One thing I know for sure, is that I don't want another day of going over my calories!!!
In the past, when I would go over my calories one day, I would say, "I've messed up, I've ruined everything, I may as well give up now." And I did. This time, I'm not doing that. If I mess up one day or break a Spark streak, then I'll start another streak and try to make it last longer than the one before. There's no need to give up just because I'm not perfect.

Thanks for reading. Writing this blog has helped me organize my thoughts and intentions and I'm grateful for that.

I wish each and every Spark member the VERY BEST on reaching ALL your goals!!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    One of the best things you are doing is not giving up when you have a “over the limit day”. I made my mind up from the very beginning that was THE reason why I was not successful in reaching goal and keeping it off.
    I feel more confident in reaching my goal this time. I am losing very slowly but I am not letting it discourage me. This is one of the reasons why I joined the Spring Challenge. I was not exercising enough and I needed a push to get into a daily routine. At one time, a few years ago, I purchased a Fitbit and worked myself up to 10,000 steps a day! I have had health problems since then, so I might not ever reach that again. I am trying my best to do at least 30 minutes daily now, even though I only committed to 20.
    I am so glad that I found the Spring Challenge to keep me accountable!
    I look forward to doing it with you so we can watch our successes together!
    emoticon Fran
    102 days ago
  • no profile photo CD25398594
    Girl, this spoke to me tonight. I am so onboard with that "make one mistake, might as well throw" in the towel it's not even funny. How do you break that mindset?? If you have any suggestions, let me know. Keep on keepin' on--I love that!
    172 days ago
    emoticon what an inspiring also motivating blog. emoticon so much for sharing. Keep moving forward Miller you are doing GREAT. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    174 days ago
    Yes, keep on keeping on! That was my motto for 8 years, that got me to that 103 pound loss. As you know, things can happen---like my fall Nov. 2018 and surgery-it derailed me a bit-gained 14 pounds since then and can't seem to get it back off! emoticon I count my calories and exercise each day-but it is so hard to trim those calories down for me. I eat good healthy foods each day, but still having issues with snack foods, like chips. Grrrrrrrrrr This time around is much harder on me. Reading yours and others blogs keeps focused. I need to do better!!!!!
    But, believe me you will have times like that-lose one week, none the next, gain the next-it is a roller coaster ride for sure. The point is, It took me so long to lose 103 pounds because I never behaved like I should. I love food-comfort food, junk food, you name it and I could not give it up completely. There is nothing wrong with tripping up on calories once in awhile-eating out will cost you more calories than home cooking. But, what fun is it to not ever eat out again, or have a food you like once in awhile. If you have a a trigger food-like ice cream is to me-stay away from it! emoticon Not until you know you can have a simple single serving and not eat anymore or crave it the next day.
    You are doing so good! Never give up no matter what! Remember-- Progress, not Perfection. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    175 days ago
    It was great to read your blog..very inspiring since i have been struggling of late.. I just take each day as it comes and try to do the best I can..not perfect but progress just the same
    175 days ago
    I think it is wonderful your Hubby asks you out. That is so sweet! My DH does, too. But he has been so sick since 12-23 & still trying to get well, we have only gone to doctors & ER. When I go out & have already gone over my limit, I order a salad, without all the fating extras, instead I ask for more cabbage or lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, etc. No bacon or cheese or bread, etc. I use only a lemon slice for dressing. I also ask if they have a veggie they can steam with out anything on top. Broccoli is a great option. Just trying to help you, as you help me so much!!!!! Great idea about blogging 1 time a week. As you know, I start 1 then add to it weekly. When I'm almost done, I'll invite my friends to re-read it. Works for me!!!

    You are SO supportive & I thank you & love you!
    176 days ago
    You are emoticon You are so dedicated to your commitment about staying on track. I really admire you for that. emoticon

    I love the meme, 'Master the day' - exactly. It's something I have to remember too.

    176 days ago
  • CINDYKC2000
    You are doing great Miller. The first hurdle is to understand how many calories are in your food and knowing how to space those calories out. Great job on checking the calories at the restaurant and knowing your options ahead of time. Maybe next time, you can take half the salad home (ask for dressing on the side) and eat the other half the next day. emoticon
    176 days ago
    Keep up the good work. Have a wonderful day
    176 days ago
    emoticon Wishing you the very best! emoticon
    176 days ago
    I an pleased on how you are doing, emoticon and you should be very proud of yourself. I like the last quote, it really hits home.
    176 days ago
  • COOP9002
    177 days ago
    You're doing great. I just started tracking and it is so helpful.
    177 days ago
  • 8HABIT
    I will start out counting calories and then forget at dinner. I am going to go back to marking a check mark on my calendar so I can get a little reward. emoticon
    177 days ago
    Thank you for sharing
    177 days ago
    I think you're on exactly the right path in that by tracking, you're seeing the hurdles and thinking about trade offs. I made a tracking error, and as a result I'm .5 lb up instead of down. But we will move forward--we can do this!!
    177 days ago
  • VHAYES04
    Everyday is a new start and a new beginning
    177 days ago
    I really like that last meme: …. Master the day. Then just keep doing that every day---says it all
    and it can take us to the place we desire to be! Best wishes for a terrific day!
    177 days ago
    I share your weightloss journey. I started using the nutrition tracker, 3 weeks ago as well. I haven't lost one pound yet, so I think you're doing GREAT!
    Maybe you can plan on 1 "cheat day" a week and build the rest of the week around it, so you can go out to eat and not feel guilty about it.

    Grace emoticon
    177 days ago
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