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How I deal with stress/emotions

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

I had typed this up as a response a fellow sparker who was dealing with some difficult times, but I thought it'd make a good reminder to myself (and maybe give others some ideas) of things I can do when I'm feeling stressed, down, like I have no control, lost, or etc;


- The stationary bike -
I haven't used this in a while, but I remember some days when I was going through some tough times and that bike was my relief. A normal day on the stationary bike was usually nothing to write too much about, but on a day where I was upset about something, I could pedal pedal pedal, faster, more resistance, go go, until that runners high hits. There were times I was shaking, almost ready to collapse, and almost ready to cry, not from pain or exhaustion but moreso from reassurance and clarity - it felt great.

- The Music -
I do this still quite a bit after work... If I had a particularly rough day or had to deal with some stuff that has me feeling down, I'll sit in my car another 10 or 20 minutes after pulling into my garage and I'll just crank music and sing along. Sometimes it might be country from the 50's and 60's, some days it might be metal or rap. But when it is blasting out my speakers, and I am singing at the top of my lungs, and it's a song I connect with? I'll have myself a good cry for a bit, take a deep breath, and then feel so much better.

- The Friends -
I've never been one to talk to a lot of people about emotions or issues I have and struggles I deal with, but I do have those 1 or 2 close friends who I feel like I can talk to about anything with. Recently, there was something I was holding in for about 2 months and with no one to talk to about it, the thoughts and ideas in the head would never cease. One night after talking to my friend about the issue for a good 2 hours, I immediately felt so much better and was able to work through, out loud, a lot of those thoughts that were otherwise just bouncing back and forth in my head. Depending on the nature of the problems, probably one of the best things to do, if the option is available, would be to talk to a therapist or something of that nature.

- The Journal -
I was never keen on this until just a few months ago. Realizing I didn't have an outlet for a lot of my memories or ideas, I decided to keep a little Journal. For me, it isn't a day-to-day diary, but if I had a particularly memorable day for some reason I'll add a short paragraph about it with the date so I can go back if I am feeling crappy and look at some of the things that made me happy recently and things to be appreciative for.

- Creating -
This helps me when I am feeling anxious or nervous about something. When my brain is running rampant with ideas, I tell that annoying logic-center to be quiet for 10 or 15 minutes while I turn on the creative-center of the brain spend some time doing a little relaxing doodling or strumming the guitar.

- Lists -
If my stress is coming from the fact that I have tons of different things to do I make a list and cross them off one by one and it makes it a lot easier to feel accomplished about the day

Not sure how to wrap it up, but I hope you are all having a great day and doing well - and if you're not, talk to someone!!! Find a healthy outlet to express yourself!! Cheers!
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