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Why is it SUCH an Emotional Journey?

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Sunday, February 09, 2020

I personally think weight loss is an emotional journey for many many reasons and I will just tell you a few.

We all have identities that we have lived with as big people. When we get smaller, we need time to mentally and emotionally adjust. Sometimes our bodies lose weight faster than our mind/ identities/ emotions can keep up with. Losing weight slowly helps with the emotional ride.

When we don’t eat for awhile, our blood sugar drops and it triggers a cascade of hormones, including cortisol (a stress hormone) and adrenaline (the fight-or-flight hormone). These hormones are released into your bloodstream to raise and rebalance your blood sugar. The release of cortisol and adrenaline can cause aggression in some people. Also, low blood sugar may interfere with higher brain functions, such as those that help us control impulses and regulate our drives and behavior. Usually people refer to this as “Hangry.” This is usually when we want to escape and binge.

We lose our coping mechanism when we give up overeating and have to find another one. This drives most people back to overeating or finding another coping mechanism, healthy or not. The great thing about ADDING HEALTHY THINGS TO YOUR LIFE and not depriving and cutting, is that we do not leave that hole. Consider adding healthy foods and habits, working from a positive stance rather than negative.

We want weight loss yesterday. We live in an instant gratification world and do not always understand that losing slowly still wins. My transformation started in 2008. Am I any less successful for it? I went from bedridden to walking and lost over 220 pounds. Not ashamed of the time it took- in fact I grew emotionally and mentally from it. Advice? Weigh in but only count your weight on the first of the month. Write it on your calendar and compare every first of the month. Weigh in weekly just for spot checks.

We fear failure yet again. It is worse than being heavy in the first place to regain weight in front of those you love. Nuff said.

Love 💕 you all!

Beth Donovan
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