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Self REflection, know yourself

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Good morning. Today SP has an article on defining your own success. (https://www.sparkpeople.com/r
s.asp?id=2567) Boy, does it hit home, and make me reflect on myself and people I've come across.

In particular, the "comparison trap" where we look at others' success and fortunes, basically with envy. Many people I've come across, particularly in my career, look at other's promotions, etc. as a personal shot against themselves and feel inadequate. I had a boss who was so career oriented that when her family moved out of state, she took an apartment closer to work and lived there during the week. It was taking it's toll on her. Fortunately, I'm 10 years older than her, and she was a level above me, and during one of my status meetings with her, I mentioned that she looked exhausted. She confided in my that there were school issues with her one son, and she's not there. I said "so go there. Take the day off, there's nothing going on her that's more important than your son." She said "but so-and-so is ahead of me in her career path, and I won't catch up." My retort: "good for her! Your success will be getting your son back on the right path."
Long story short, she later resigned from her position ( I missed her dearly) found a position closer to home at a lower level, and her son is now in college.

She fell into the comparison trap. Look at your own situation, and reconcile with yourself that you're in a good spot. Have you given it your best shot? Do you have your priorities in order? Someone will always be ahead of you in either money, career, weight loss, etc. Good for them! Be happy for them! But mostly, be happy with yourself and count your blessings!

Oh yeah, and always, emoticon
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