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Stepping back in time.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Yesterday Hubby and I went to a special supermarket, dedicated to .. food industry employee's
It had about 40 car parks, and
I was blown away......

at a) the options b) the staff being friendly, I was asked three times if i had everything i needed/to find things (?!) c) the nice comfortable wide isles, and most importantly

There wasn't "flavoured yoghurt" pizza.. chips.. coke.. there was no coca cola!
What there WAS, was real food: meat, sliced meats, frozen avocado (cant buy these at supermarket), eggs, locally made condiments, honest simple dairy, eg cheese, real cheese slices, veggies, fruits,
I even saw little mini pikelets for sale for the first time in my life... (a bag full of 3inch thick pancakes served with butter and jam)
They had stocked things that were locally made also... It was stunning

Back at my supermarket I have to take TEN FULL STEPS to get to real food items between all the sugary bs, that is called flavoured yoghurt and cheese straws or whatever some marketing company made up.... And it literally wasn't all bright and colourful and shiny, at the trading supermarket place. It was simple, It was nice.

For me personally,
It made me consider Earth 2.0 - After the earth ends, 1000 year trial etc...
How an honest earth would look, how people would treat each other, co-operate, make real food, its just.. yeah.. to build honest little humble houses....
I desire a future without...... shall we call it sugar? Land is actually free. It's the state that charges for it, and if you consider that very one thing changed: the future is incredible.

It's no secret I don't enjoy life. I was dissapointed when I woke up in ICU from a coma.
I just wanna go home. I miss God. He is where my heart is .

In the mean time, my role as a mother, is what God has appointed me.. and
Just sorta thinking about: creating life more simple - perhaps move to country or outskirts,
I have 3 of the 4 possible drive thru's in walking distance of my house , Perhap restrict internet.. I gave up tv 15 years ago, movies about 3 years ago.. but yeah
It's just hard..... to enjoy life as God designed... no one cares.. Everyones "plugged in"

I'd love to... live in the 50's or 30's.. or just a more simpler time... the kind where girls did cross stitch for a hobby, or people connected face to face...
I got rid of my smart phone about a year ago, and it's biting into my workouts heh
I noticed in my exercise group: girls upload sped up versions of them doing the workouts, using tik tok etc, I'm just like.... - Did you miss the point?

Do you remember life before Athleisure wear came along?
When it wasn't "fit life" but just life, because no one was obese then.
(I grew up in a town with no fast food places other than a fish n chip shop 20kms away)
- Which unfortunately,has changed now.

I dunno if anyone can relate to my grief.. but to me:
this world is biblical, fallen, and almost all are deceived.
I find it horrific.. that celebrities are openly thanking Satan at award ceremonies,
and no one says anything...
That no one understands 5g is the.... ... 50's dystopian nightmare plan now in action.

The only power I seem to have is to continue to try - in this somewhat tech-free bubble.

Jesus will overcome it all, in time.
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    Heere's a nice video on disney for christ1ands, by LED on youtube :) - they do awesome research
    482 days ago
    Dear Barb, would be willing to answer a ... .10 question what was like living in the 50's thingy? sounds super interesting ( i dont have any family so i have no idea) xxx x

    482 days ago
    Dear Jppersell - your life is your own, my advice: allowed to be ignored:
    IF you want to give up the .. erm catch? from movies: every single movie has the exact same time line (3hrs) of the "twist" 30 mins before the end, another tiny twist, at 9 mins to the end, something gripping at the front first 30 mins, and it's the same emotional "song" on every movie, this "emotional roller coaster" was designed by Steven Speilberg, and its copied ever since.. So I find everything SUPER predicitable and boring

    For example that cute movie "wax" something with paris hilton? as soon as she got on the screen - an obvious "stupid" comment line - showed she was the first 'sacrafice' for the horror movie, and bingo, she went.. 7 mins later, i was dissapointed cos i wanted to see if she could act... with a new character.. Sigh, stereotypical :(

    I've found since, the intentional subliminal conditioning in movies, tv, especially for relations, and values,
    and it's not even subtle to me anymore
    When I first saw Frozen i was super f'n angry and horrified, I went on a mission to destroy the love of disney from friends...(and save their daughters) and I pointed out scenes for tolerating men who abuse you , men who lust you... self sacrafice... These are terrible terrible values ive lived in my life and finally broken from

    and ... to still see frozen back packs and lunch boxes........ in our world... Sickens me.

    I saw a documentary in about 2012, on how the disney princess .. 'agenda' poisions a girls mind that she must look beautiful to be loved, and then that gets turned in sexuality, by the 12-14 year olds, who get disney contracts and sexualised, think miley cyrus, anyone from disney club.

    This week, Husband brought over Dumbo? I've never seen it in my life, made in the 30s i was suspect, cos i know of walt disneys agenda... and ... we werent 20 mins in.. before i had to shut it off, magic, dark spells, lsd kinda things.. pfft


    Ihave big problems with elmos best friend abby who casts SPELLS and is into dark magic....
    and normalising the occulr....

    So really,
    What am I missing by giving this up?

    I have no .... .tantrums from my baby, no self comparison, no low self esteem
    I was able to find TRUE love not found in ANY movir i've seen in my life.. (except for... a walk to remember with mandy moore?) andddddddddddd yeah ofcourse, free time.

    I spent half of 2019 getting REALLY good at red stone: that's a specific game mechanic coding thing, on minecraft, that only .. super smart people do. I still an a newb at it, but im now at the point where i can invent my own circuits and machines.. so...... that's something people pull full time income from....
    It's just, im kinda angrie with the gov getting involved to Youtube, so i ripped down my channel.....

    I also got good at editing.

    So i dunno
    skill building is a good thing :)

    I did for a while, try a movie a month.. but i just grew tired of it, nothing was new, nothing interested me, nothing added to my life, and i was never inspired.. and....... its just a time kill thing

    So yeaaah

    I wish i could find that 2012 documentary... It was life changing
    I forgot it's name tho x

    482 days ago
    Josh is Missing Heaven too
    482 days ago
    Constantly on the go! I honestly don’t understand how I had time for watching tv...I am happy to actually have a real life. I’m proud of the choices you have made. I want a more simplified life. Something I need to work on!
    486 days ago
    Yep I divorced the tv and movies 23 years ago and I do not miss it one bit. I love reading my bible and doing researches on my health. I do have an iPhone which is what I’m typing from now. I don’t have much regular computer time because I am...
    486 days ago
    I am so impressed that you quit watching television and movies. I am such a movie buff I don't know if I can do that and let alone not having a smart phone! So many do nowadays including myself. God bless you and keep you. Make life as you wish for it to be.
    486 days ago
    My dear, I grew up in the 50's and it WAS a much simpler, humbler time. I am with you, making life as simple as possible and living it in a way that He would approve of.

    Taht means eating in such a way that honors Im by taking care of our bodies.

    HUGS my dear. You're doing it right.
    486 days ago
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