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My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 199 of doing the new: Power outage for 2 hours.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

"My life is a joy filled with delightful surprises."

emoticon I do not have a set eating time. I eat either when I am hungry or when it fits into my day the best. For the past week I have not been hungry before 6 PM. Last night it started to snow and even though I wasn't hungry, something inside me told me to start making my last meal around 4:30 PM and eat when it is made even if I am not hungry so I listened to that inner feeling. It was close to 6 PM when my tummy normal says hey start making food and the electric flickered a few times then it became black. I found my phone that luckily was at 80% and remembered how my son said to turn on the flashlight. My son wanted me to get rid of all the flashlights claiming the phone flashlights were brighter. He was right but I hung onto the flashlights. I went to my room and started to read. My neighbor messaged me and asked if I had electric and I said no she said she would call. Then she said they said tons of people are calling and if they can't find the issue, they will call her back. She works maybe 10 minutes away and said when she came home it was blizzard conditions and black ice! Yikes! I was reminded of the stories I heard as a child about Abe Lincoln (being President's Day) of Abe in a log cabin house as a boy reading by candle light. These places are elec heat and do not allow candles but reading by flashlight was close enough. An hour later my neighbor said the outage was wide spread and they were checking on people with oxygen! At was close to 8 PM when the electric came on. I did finally look at the outdoor temp. It was 29. I was grateful that my phone was on full of battery life. I was grateful I had removed email and FB alerts so my battery only going down using the flashlight and messaging my neighbor. I was grateful I didn't feel cold. I was so grateful for the electric to come on. I later read on FB that they were very close to opening up emergency shelters for us. I was grateful for a neighbor who checks up on me. Also grateful for a book to read. I am grateful for that inner voice that told me to eat early.

emoticon My new for day 199 was I've never been alone without elec that long in the winter! I was surprised how totally calm I was.

emoticon I love that I don't panic in emergency situations!

Onward to day 200 of doing the new
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