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Getting Started Up Again - Week 10 (edited, new pic)

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Week 10 Burner!

I tried to 'maintain' over the last 3ish weeks, which .. I'd never done before (had issues ok now) but turns out, I can, I just tried to eat well most of the time, the occasional snack, We got burger king twice in that time, i had no bun on the burger, sugar free drink, no sauce on the sundae- and i shared that with the family (So half the icecream) .. and i still would loose weight on that so that's good... it means bk isn't cut out entirely... I hope lol

Today I went back to the Happiest Supermarket in the world, and I got lots of great food! Some of which will last a month, some a year! Oh I am actually excited to eat today!!! I got the best looking steak I've ever seen.

I weigh 106.5kg this morning my lightest weight for 2020 (that's 234 lbs)

I've set a weight loss challenge for myself, when I get to 104kgs I get this new cute sports bra: I'd like to do it this week but i wont 'penalise' myself, i'll just

And I worked quite hard on making the cutest planner for myself here it is:

(It has an A4 page for fitness, feelings, mindset - and another for food journaling and week review) _ I used the Stabilo Boss Pastel Coloured highlighters on it and I love it!!
So I've filled in the plans: Here's today in digital form:

Here is my meal plan for today

I will need to add a futhur 1 Tablespoon of either Mayo or butter to every meal cos it's 300 calories short of my 1500 goal - But you can imagine I'm very excited to eat! I'll take some photos :)

Here is my workout plan for today
(I'm using Erica's Fit love program circa april 2019) she's about to shut it down and move it over to an app for andoid/iphone.. In her Nov and Oct programs she does the same workouts done on the biggest loser! (more intense than the public ones shown on the usa today website) So that's exciting, I especailly want to do the soccer drill workout soon

Andd yeah!!

Watch this space, and welcome to the Burner Week # 10 :D
In my planner I have space for the inspirational quote of the week: mine is

I am my family's role model for Motivation, fitness, health & emotional strength.

This weekend we'll be adopting little kitten, I got her a case of kitten food at the market today.. So we are excited, I hand crafted her a toy.. anddd her jungle gym hasn't arrived yet. We are still name shopping, please leave your name suggestions below!

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Thank you to the lovely comments! I love our spark family :D

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