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Corona Virus.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

These are my thoughts about this whole mess. You don't have to agree with me and I'm not trying to make people mad.

With that said..... I am aware that this is a serious illness. I also think that people are taking this to the extreme. I mean buying all the toilet paper?!?! having a years worth of TP is not going to prevent you from getting it! It is preventing the everyday family on a tight budget from buying what they need to get buy.

I am very blessed to have a pension that I worked very hard to get, working in a very physically and mentally demanding job testing truck drivers for over 33 years. I work a part time job right now to 1. keep me a little busy doing something I like. 2. bring in a little more income to make ends meet til I am qualified to collect my Social Security. Again I say I am blessed about this and I really mean that.

I know there are people everyday struggling to get buy. I was scheduled to work 3 days at my part time job doing Custom Framing at a major craft store. I only want to work between 15-20 hours a week , my choice I've been doing it for about 30 years total.
Because of this virus thing corporate said Part Time people can only get 5 hours a week.
Now I REALLY don't have a problem with that. I showed up yesterday to do a 6 hour shift and was told this info. I told the manager no problem, but while I am here there is something I need to finish, before I leave. I did and cleared up a few other things. All told about 1.45 min. The full time staff need to at least work 35 hours for their insurance. I have no issue with being asked to give up those hours for full timers to get paid. that is their ONLY source of income.

With all the closings going on, I decided to do some grocery shopping. I normally only do a big one around my pension payment on the 19 of each month. Thank God I have a little extra to go shopping. Now I'm not a hoarder about food at all. I buy things when on sale and buy extra for when it is not on sale, so i really could go beyond a month with enough food beside milk , eggs, fruit and a few other extras.
I went to the local Meijer's near me. there were lots of fresh fruit and veggies, no potatoes at all, no bread, no meats beside Ham canned goods were empty, almost all dairy gone, paper goods all gone bleach all gone. I still have some at home, and I'll probably be fine with what I have.

The whole point is what about the parents of small children who need these things also, their money is stretched tight. old people who live on very limited income, wait staff who were just told by the state to close all sit down diners what are they going to do about food and money to pay bills, rent, food , gas, and whatever else they may need. now they have very limited resources to buy thing with and there is nothing on the shelves!

The Drivers facilities closed in my state, they will be paid. I'm sure they are grateful for that. What about the single mom or dad that is a waitress who will not get a pay check. Other business being impacted by these shut downs. I get the being cautious part, but to what end if so many other people will be impacted by having no money and when they will try to buy things there is nothing on the shelves.

People we all need to take a DEEP breath. Stop listening to the media who is trying their hardest to vilify a President who has done nothing wrong but stand up to career politicians who only think of the next news cycle and how they will get re-elected to protect their cushy jobs! Use some common sense.

I pray that if you are impacted by lack of money or a job right now because of this virus, that things work out for you, you get some resources to see you through. Also that the rest of us THINK about someone else that may really need that item you are buying in bulk to reconsider and only buy what you really need.

BLESSINGS ON ALL OF YOU! Dealing with this is trying everyone. We are AMERICANS and we will get through this together stronger as a Nation. Look out for your fellow Americans help when you can.

Thank You
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  • no profile photo CD25388307
    I agree 100%!
    385 days ago
    The whole "panic buying" (especially of toilet paper) became an issue only because it played into the minds of normally rational people. Once it looked like it was going to become scarce and possibly unavailable, it made normal people think they better go buy some so they have it when they run out. Which then actually caused the shortage. It's silly.

    I haven't bought into the whole stocking up thing, any more than I normally do. And you know what, we could stay locked in this house for 3 weeks and survive just fine. Most people I know, who's homes I've visited are the same way. We have enough.

    People who've lost their jobs are in the most distress now, but can apply for unemployment. President Trump has also offered $1000 to displaced Americans who are out of work because of this pandemic. And in the interim, worst case scenario, they could visit a food bank if they have absolutely no friends or family who can help them out. We don't let our people go hungry in this country. We offer the resources people need to at least stay fed. And toilet paper isn't life sustaining. It's nice to have and we've all come to depend on it, but you know what? On more than one occasion I've been in a public restroom and realized too late that there is no toilet paper in my stall. And here I am...alive and well to tell the tale. It's going to be okay. The important thing is to help others when and where you can AND try to avoid contracting or spreading this virus...because it IS a big deal. Stay well! emoticon
    392 days ago
  • BEDA65
    We're in the same boat here in MO. I agree with you for the most part. Take care and stay safe.
    Thanks for the positive words on my last blog. I appreciate it.
    392 days ago
    Very well said, my friend, and you are spot-on. Instead of using common sense, we now have a "nanny state" to contend with. You know my situation, and despite being on a low income, I can and preserve everything possible. My son's friends think it's funny that I not only blanched and froze my broccoli harvest, but I canned the leaves, too, which, by the way, are delicious. I routinely buy paper products in the largest size I can get, so we have enough. We will not go hungry, and if we run out of TP, well, there are alternatives that poor folks have been using for years. It did, however, so my heart good to read about a man who bought up every bottle of hand sanitizer, masks and toilet paper only to have Amazon, Ebay and the like ban the sales of these products because of the exorbitant price gouging. He now has a whole garage full of stuff he can't sell, LOL! As for our President, I am thankful and grateful that he's doing what he does. Know that you'll be out in your garden soon, my friend! I want to hear about everything you're growing this year. Stay safe and God bless. emoticon
    395 days ago
    stay safe , keep well emoticon
    396 days ago
    396 days ago
    Hubby and I are what some will call elderly. He soon will be 84yrs and I will soon be 80-yrs. We have worked hard and saved all our lives!

    Now, both being retired we watch our pennies. We buy on sale and put a little articles back. I am a collector of recipes that are using pantry items and as few ingred as possible.
    I buy most of my clothes at thrift stores and CVS.

    We have things paid for and would give the shirt off my back. Just be sure you are really in need, or you just might be turned down.

    IM NO FOOL !"
    396 days ago
    People need to be ready to shelter in place for 3 weeks. Most people will be fine, but are you willing to put a loved one who is susceptible in a life threatening situation
    396 days ago
  • KJPV74
    Thankyou, well said!!
    396 days ago
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