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Friday, March 20, 2020

Worked in flower garden and yard yesterday. Felt kind of guilty not being at work, just for a hot minute. Told myself to sit back and relax and enjoy my time away, I needed a break anyway.

Went to grocery store this morning during Elderly and Compromised systems was much busier than I expected. Everyone was keeping their distance for the most part and I didn't hear anyone cough or sneeze. I didn't touch my eyes even with the tears running down my face from my dry eye condition. I walked through the store talking to myself, "Don't touch your face, don't touch your face..."
The store was out of eggs, milk, butter, shredded cheese, yogurt, preferred dog food, pancake mix, spaghetti pasta and sauce, the rice mixes my son prefers, still no toilet paper.
No white potatoes at all, but red potatoes were $10 for a 10# bag. Whole chickens were $11-$15. I think my store is taking advantage of pricing during this time. Sad.
Stopped By the Dollar Store, they had no dairy either. But I found 2 of the rice mixes, the preferred dog food and a box of tissues. Score!

I received my $70 gallon jug of hand sanitizer from Amazon yesterday.

Took a lot of convincing my 19 year old son, with the compromised system that this is serious stuff and he needs to heed dr's orders. He finally complied only because he was afraid I was going to have a heart attack worrying. I know with my faith I am not to worry, but it is hard.
I find the best thing is to not think about what could happen down the road and to stay present. Of course that is something we should follow in everyday life, not just in crisis. Sometimes I feel like a failure in my faith. Then I tell myself I am a sinner, it is expected. Keep trying, it's ok.

Pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill me and comfort me and help keep me on the right path.
Yesterday was a good day, today will be also...

Read this prayer in one of my devotionals this morning...

Father, help us to look beyond our trials and our circumstances, and to appreciate our heavenly heritage. Amen

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