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COVID-19 Testing--in my humble opinion and personal research

Sunday, March 22, 2020

People, if you are buying into the news cycles...
all the hype about not being able to get a test...

tidbit of info...

there is no cure...
there is no vaccine...
there will be no difference in your care as if you had H1N1 initially.
Don't allow this talk to scare you!

Most importantly to keep in if you have trouble breathing, severe chest pain, confusion...
these are all symptoms you would seek medical care for anyway. Right? I mean really!

Testing and knowing you have COVID-19 will not change your circumstance.
The main purpose for the testing is to keep count of the spread in your community, in the US, in the world.
A good thing...but doesn't change anything for you and me directly, other than you may be more conscious of your illness.
A bad uses up PPE for when one really is sick and needs care. You will want that dr that nurse to have that PPE so they can stay well and be available to treat you.

What CAN you do?

FIRST, PRAY and know that God has promised to take care of us. If it means taking us home, well...our time is up.
Pray to see the great Glory of God in all it's splendidness.
Relax and accept.
It has taken me a few days to come to this, but just as we have always been taught, God has known the day he will take us home from the beginning of our time on earth. Nothing changes that for us. How we internalize and live what time we have is what is important.
As it always has been.
It has taken me some days of what I feel was a grieving process, not really of fear, but of acceptance.
And one thing I have learned, I was not staying present with God. I was not allowing the Holy Spirit to fill me, comfort me and ease my mind. Be mindful and stop buying into the hype.

SECOND, Presume you have been exposed. Self isolate. Not because you have fear for yourself, but to protect yourself and those around you.

Wash your hands. 20 seconds of hand washing is required.
How you wash your hands is important to remove germs/bacteria.
There are articles and videos online that teach you how to do this properly.
Don't assume you know what you're doing, most don't. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. Have you ever noticed when you're watching a reality tv show, how long a dr washes his/her hands?
How thorough he/she is washing each finger and crevice between?
That's because in his/her training, they were taught how to properly wash their hands.

If you have to go to the store, chant this mantra to yourself..."Don't touch my face, Don't touch my face..."
May be easier not to touch your face if you wear a pair of gloves. Doesn't have to be medical gloves, wear garden gloves, leather gloves, what have you. The purpose here is not necessarily not to come into contact with germs, it's how you protect yourself, it is more to have your hands covered, mostly to remind yourself..."Don't touch my face, Don't touch my face..."
When you get home, spray your gloves down with bleach cleaner or Lysol, again what have you that kills 99.9% germs.
AND... wash your hands.

I am a germaphobe in my mind. I say it that way, because I know it's all in my head. Always has been.
And I can tell you, it is my humble opinion, you cannot keep up with ALL of the surfaces you touch. My son has a rare disorder that puts him at great risk, if he gets this illness. I try to be very conscious of what I am coming into contact with inside and outside my home.

Example: you go to store, you wear your gloves, you leave with your bags, you get in your vehicle, you roll off your gloves, you get out your hand sanitizer and treat your hands, you get home, remove your bags, unload bags and spray everything down, wash your hands.

Did you go back out to your vehicle and clean the door handle you touched with your gloved hand that you touched everything in the store with, thinking you were being safe? Nope.
Then later, you go back out to your vehicle, open the door with your ungloved hands, because you will wait to glove up when you get where you are going.
Guess what all that care you did, wearing gloves, carefully unpacking things, washing your hand, is for naught.

This is exactly why the social distancing is so important. The only way you are going to be 100% safe from coming into contact with this sickness is to avoid it all together.
And for the love of God...avoiding others in case you have been exposed, so that you are not spreading it.

FYI: I just watched a dr on tv say she is finally feeling better after 4.5 weeks, from start to finish. FOUR and a HALF WEEKS!
She started out with a runny nose, for a few days, then a slight cough, she continued to see patients. After a week and half or so she started having muscle and joint aches and went for a massage, which helped. She volunteered in her community for a charity run.
After a couple of weeks, she started having fever, shortness of breath, chest pain,which grew into pain below her ribs in her back, couldn't take a deep breath, and felt like she was going to collapse when she stood up. She had her husband take her to the ER and was tested for COVID-19 and was positive. She was sent home to self-isolate, rest, drink plenty of fluids, OTC drugs for pain and fever reducing.
Her actual shortness of breath,chest pain and fever, has lasted about 15 days now.

She had no idea the runny nose and slight cough were a precursor for her illness.

I think, heck, I have been experiencing sinus/allergy drainage for months now.
How will I know? I won't!

Self-isolating is important. Save your neighbor if you're not concerned about yourself.

Do everything you can to keep your germs to yourself!

Nobody wants your cooties!!! Lol!

Prayers and Positive Energy!
Spark On! Friends
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good information! My son, who previously worked at a hospital ER, told me today that there are 12 steps in washing your hands. We are all learning so much through this. My mom told me that some friends of hers in very good health and in their early 70s had a situation where they both tested positive, but only one ended up getting sick. The other showed zero symptoms. They are both okay now, after 2 weeks, but what a strange thing!

    Love this list and I'd like to add: Wear a mask when you go out in public in possibly crowded grocery stores. If you don't have one, you can make one. Lots of great patterns online, and they DO help in combination with keeping the 6 foot rule. If you can't sew, even a scarf over your nose and mouth will offer some protection, which is better than nothing. Stay safe!
    297 days ago
    297 days ago
    Great information
    298 days ago

    Yep! I am in total agreement.
    300 days ago
    Thank you for the many good reminders, Spark-friend. Most important for ALL of us for whom it’s possible is STAY HOME. Self-isolate. And following all the abundant guidelines. The object is to stop the spread, and since most of us do not no if we are carrying the virus, we need to do our best to keep (it) to ourselves. Thank goodness for Spark friends. emoticon
    300 days ago
  • 1BLAZER282005
    Good advice B, thanks for sharing the details. It's very important to wash hands correctly and sanitize. All high touch areas even the vehicle, keys right now everything. We all need to stay at home for awhile.
    300 days ago
  • no profile photo SEWATER
    I laughed at the "Don't touch my face" mantra. I have been doing the same thing ! I have always been a person who washes my hands when I come back home from somewhere. Now I wash them even more.
    301 days ago
    Excellent advice. Just have to really stress the handwashing, and DRINK DRINK DRINK the water. It has been recommended we sip something warm (or cold) to bathe our mouth, keep it moist and wash our throat off.. Obviously, keeps us hydrated, as well.

    Stay well! Thanks for a great blog.
    301 days ago
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