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Here again.

Monday, April 06, 2020

I left what I wrote before because I never want to forget Sheila and what happened after I blew off visiting an old friend.

I also know that life totally gets in the way. I wrote about Sheila years back. Then my mom got sick and my plans were derailed once again. I live in the middle of no place about an hour away from where my mom is, but that added about 3or more hours a day to my already crazy full life.

The same year my father in law passed away.

Between these times, my daughter was in a bad car accident. (She is healthy and happy now)

Work changed not once, not twice, but 3 times.

Our housing changed after 30+ years in the same home.

Then just as my life started to settle again and I thought I could focus on me, my husband of 40 years had a massive stroke and died 2 weeks later. He was only 64. This rocked my world like you can’t imagine and I also was faced with losing about 2/3 of my income, no life insurance, that I thought we had, and on, and on, and on. That was in October 2018.

Again, I am just at the point where I see daylight...and now Corona virus.....seriously world? Not me, but again, life changing.

So, back to me and an urgent want to change things for the better. As I sit in isolation I realize that I have gained about 5 pounds a year for ages....that retiring is probably not in my near future since this pandemic has crashed my 401, and with a blown meniscus, crappy health insurance and more, I just plain and simple need to lose weight.

One day down, but it was a good one day. Didn’t feel crazy and deprived. Didn’t spend my whole day focused on food. Am learning how to wrap working from home and a much LESS active day into this life change and to make it something I can stick to. Wish me luck.
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