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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

I'm not sure what I'm going to write today, I just feel as though I need to write.

It's been rainy the past couple of days. Cannot get out to walk. It's so much better walking outside! I do have a treadmill in the basement. I usually take my music with me, or sometimes I'll watch some Netfilx shows on my Kindle while walking. I was scrolling through the main page feed here on Sparkpeople, and someone had posted a youtube video on walking tours through different cities. You watch it while you're walking on your treadmill. I briefly watched a bit of one, looks interesting.


I am on week 5 of my quarantine. I'm a dental assistant. We've had only 2 emergencies so far. It was weird, we were all geared up with our n95 mask, regular mask, gown, glasses... the whole works. We haven't received our face shields yet, then we'll be wearing them as well. I have no idea when we'll be getting back to a full schedule. I think currently we're on a stay at home order til May 8th. I'm wishing people would just stay home around here like they're supposed to. There is a city nearby and the people are just not doing what they're supposed to, they're getting together, going out, having parties and such. Even my neighbor next door... they go out 5 or 6 times a day. Sometimes it's just a couple of them, sometimes it's the whole family. I dunno.

My 11 year old son is having a hard time with the whole ordeal. He's a very social kid. He was sort of okay, until he found out there wasn't going to be any school for the remainder of the school year. Then he just lost it. His school only goes to 6th grade, so he is 'graduating' this year. He's sad he won't get to go through all of that. We do have ourselves following a loose schedule, it has helped greatly. He is doing school work on the computer. But he takes forever! The other night he was working on something til midnight. He should be able to get all of his work done by noon on most days. He's just taking really long 'breaks' and finding things to play with. It's frustrating.

I've been dealing okay with everything so far. This week has been rough though, I just feel like I need to eat everything!... and I ran out of gum! I'm still exercising on my usual schedule, it's just the eating that's getting me this week. I've washed everything that needs to be washed, cleaned the house. I've been studying for a certification test. I actually picked up my knitting yesterday... which I haven't done in quite a while. Yesterday it didn't rain in the afternoon so I cut the grass. I need to do the weed trimming, but it's raining today.

Last night I had a hard time getting to sleep... between my husband and my cat, it was difficult! My cat was purring so loud and for a rather long time! And my husband is a snorer. I usually try to go to bed before him so that I'm asleep before he starts snoring, but I just couldn't get to sleep last night. I have Misophonia, the snoring is a big trigger for me. This is the first time my cat's purring triggered me, I hope it was a one time thing! I had earplugs in and ear muffs on, and I could still sort of hear them both and sense that they were making noise. So I ended up putting my earbuds in with the muffs over them and listening to my music. And I finally passed out about 2:30am!

The sun just came out through the clouds! I needed that. We'll have to take advantage and get out there for a walk after dinner. Thanks for listening to my vent.
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    One of my riends said "think of the silver lining in this social distancing. What is it doing for you? Find the positives." We have issues and anxiety too...it's just me DH and the dogs. Our families are out of state and it has been scary. One positive is being at home and being able to work from home. I had a very difficult time transitioning away from a desk top to a lap top and then to home....but this has been a work in progress for 5 years now. I prefer to be at home. This was easy. We are now video conferencing often after complete resistance and I think we like this too. I don't ever want to go back into the office. LOL.

    The other positive is that this pulled me off the hamster wheel and has made me realize what I miss. My friends, and almost everything I was engaged in. My activities fed my soul but I'm ok with the quiet too....I just get outside more often. There are many things that I've realized I just don't really need. Other than groceries and my stylist I can live without almost everywhere. We didn't go out to eat a ton, so I'm not suffering from restaurant drought but I really do feel for all those who need these jobs.

    Hang in there. This is a special time with your son that you'll never get back. Embrace it. emoticon
    459 days ago
    I'm sorry you are having so many things to deal with right now. This stay at home order is hard on everyone. I am almost afraid to go anywhere. My DH and I are both at the age that makes us high risk and I am a cancer survivor and he is diabetic and has no spleen so no immune system. I understand what you mean about people running around and getting together like everything is normal. It's NOT! Hang in there and have a good rest of the week.
    462 days ago
    Sounds like a lot of changes to deal with there!
    Our grandson's school is still (at this point) supposed to re-open mid May.
    (But my guess is, it may also not re-open until Fall ... time will tell.)

    I'm working from home full-time. I'm an IT Project Manager.
    The rest of the house not so much. DD is working part-time stuff she can ... while also home-schooling DGS. Her hubby is off. My hubby is retired. We do get to the stores once a week or so .. and do the shopping for my mom as well as two other families here - just because they are more likely to be in a higher risk group. But every time we are out - it is with masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer at the ready.
    462 days ago
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