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Virus Venting

Saturday, May 09, 2020

I saw this online this morning and it may help me keep my serenity, or maybe i will find some. With people sick and dying, with food shortages starting, with unemployed hungry people and myriad other deeply disturbing problems in the world around me -- you would think I would be more grateful and humbly be quiet.

The truth is that I am depressed and lonely and feeling constant anxiety that is causing me to sit in my TV room all day and not even go outdoors in the sunshine. The mental effects are a concern for me and I wish I could go find a therapist and vent.

I am stuck in a groove of awfulness. Waiting for life to get back to normal is fruitless. We know life will never be what it was before and that the new normal will be restrictive and unnatural.

I found a couple of online site that try to help with this state of mind. I hope they help me do something because I am one miserable senior citizen.

So. Have a nice day.
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  • READY201811
    Going for a walk in our town is marked with one way sidewalks marked to walk with the flow of traffic Parks are patrolled by police and all equipment roped off. No picnic tables or benches and not a place of feeling. invited Cannot escape to go shopping, or watch a movie, or get a book from the library and I haven’t seen our parents in 9 weeks, mil is 96 in a nursing home total lockdown and what could be her last mother’s day and alone, my parents have my sis next door and live in fear as they are in their 80’s My son feels we are at the end, trump is the anti christ, this is the plague and locust in Africa, killer bees coming to America and we are in the end times, he won’t mive out without a court order and who knows how long before the courts will be open again, my mentally impaired daughter was sexually assaulted by 3 men, one died Friday, other two early release because of coved 19, and she has been here since March 16. I feel your pain
    86 days ago
    You're definitely not alone! Even though I'm grateful to be able to work remotely, it's rough to feel trapped in a house (dealing with difficult people in same house with little in the way of respite or outlet does NOT help matters much).......

    86 days ago
    Ooh! That is a good meme.
    Anxiety is no fun at all. I have had so much anxiety that I caused myself to have a panic attack more than once. You can talk yourself down from the anxiety.
    Have you ever seen an emotional scale? Just google it and look at the images. Oh, and I just found this on You Tube:
    It's a talk on how to climb up the emotional scale, which might help you, because staying in a state of anxiety won't, plus it isn't much fun and can cause real physical problems like a racing heart, high blood pressure, etc.
    "...and that the new normal will be restrictive and unnatural."
    That is outside of the fox. You can't predict what will happen.
    If you want to feel better then your best bet is to look at all the good that has come of the world being shut down temporarily - like the hole in the ozone layer has healed, there is sunshine in Beijing instead of a brown cloud over the city, there are dolphins in the canals in Venice again...there are many good things happening on the earth and we have all been asking for improvements for a very long time. So while you have no control over how things will turn out, you do have control over how you feel about it, and you can either focus on the good bits and feel better or focus on the bad bits and feel worse. Turn off the news.
    87 days ago
    I am sorry that you are depressed and anxious and lonely.

    You would like to speak to a therapist and it may be that kind of help is available on line or by phone where you live . . . I hope you will check out that possibility.

    In the meantime, we are here to listen.
    88 days ago
    I am so sorry you are suffering in the black hole of depression and so hope ypu can get some comfort or relief from those online resources.
    88 days ago
    we will be more cautious and not wait to be told to take precautions the next time emoticon
    88 days ago
    Yes, it is a very difficult time.
    88 days ago
    I had the exact same conversation with my hubby this week! We are lucky that I can work from home and it hasn't impacted us financially. We have everything we need. I just can't shake this depression either. I am hoping when it gets warmer out (we have snow on the ground this morning!) and I am outside more, it will help. I hope that you feel better too!
    88 days ago
    I definitely hear you! We will never have that old normal again; especially us seniors. And, our grandkids won’t remember the freedom of our old normal. I struggle with anxiety, anger, depression and despair on many days but there are those days when I get my head above water and know that the situation will improve, I am only struggling with my petty first world problems (OMG! I NEED a haircut!) and I do what I can to support our community. I am learning to shut off the tv and to scroll through Facebook quickly to avoid getting sucked into the negativity and the people spewing political hatred toward someone!
    Our weather has been unbelievably awful; cold, rainy, windy, cloudy. I’m hoping some improving weather will help lift my spirits. And, a haircut would help, too!
    Hang in there! Seeking help is a great idea and I have thought of doing that myself. Stay safe!
    88 days ago
    ((((HUGS)))) my dear. All I can tell you is you're not alone in your feeling. It is just overwhelming. All those #'s that are rattled off day after day after day represent LIVES, MILLIONS of lives. Just . . . plain . . . sad.

    Glad you vented here, anyway. Hope the sites help you.
    88 days ago
    Have a blessed weekend.❤️
    88 days ago
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