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Lumps and bumps and NSVs

Thursday, May 14, 2020

I’ve been pondering this blog for a few days now...

After all, what do lumps and bumps and NSVs have to do with each other?

Rather a lot actually!

We’re all made up of lumps and bumps to varying degrees and how they vary tends to be featured in our NSVs...

NSV - planks getting easier = flatter midriff, so a less lumpy and bumpy core!

NSV - thighs toning up because of walking and pedalling = smoother thigh line, fewer lumps and bumps!

NSV - tunic top that was snug, now looser around bum = Smoother line with fewer lumps and bumps!

NSV - planks getting easier = breathing smoother and plank flatter and getting longer!

As I was growing up, well in my teens and twenties, I always said that I liked my body above the waist and below the knees. The bits in between were lumpy and bumpy and not as I liked. I’ve always had a ‘muffin top’ and a tummy. These seemed to grow exponentially lol!

When I lost weight for my first wedding, I discovered that my bumps were all in the right place and the lumps had vanished; in fact the wedding dress I made myself had to be taken in three times in the last six weeks! I was a proper pear shape and I quite liked it...

As I venture forward for the umpteenth time, this time I am more attuned to my body’s needs. As a result, I am able to do what is required....

Planks are not my favourite exercise, but they do work and they do so much for my core. I’ll never have a washboard stomach, but I’ll be able to wear more fitted tops with confidence.

I never really did learn to ride a bicycle and find normal exercise bikes profoundly uncomfortable, but my WonderCore helps to improve my thigh lines and trim my legs.

Funnily enough, I enjoy using the rowing machine once I get into it, despite the fact that it gets me sweaty, BUT it is a great all round exercise machine, improving my stamina, endurance and overall level of fitness.

Probably my two best NSVs this week relate to my bottom ( yes, it always looked big in everything!)

1. My darling husband, Laurie told me this morning that my jeans were looking good from the back!

2. I measured my hips, which I hadn’t done in ages - down by an inch since last month!

If only the pounds and the scale weren’t so prominent in our minds!

(My next clothes tryout is in 4 pounds time)

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