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Still convinced this is it!

Friday, May 15, 2020

I've been Intermittent fasting since around Feb 8th and totally convinced this is the way of life for me. As of yesterday I am down 20 pounds and I feel the best I've felt in years! I haven't had to track calories, I can eat what I want during my window (and yes, I keep it realistic), and no strict exercise regimen (I take a 1.5 mile walk during the week and longer walks on weekends). I decided to start weighing daily, but I don't let it rule my life it's just a way to track the overall trend. As long as the overall direction is down, then a daily number isn't as important. I've been consistently loosing 1 pound a week. It's not a speedy weight loss but I know that there are lots of changes going on besides losing weight.

I clean fast 19 or 20 hours a day that means only water and black coffee. I typically break my fast around 2 or 3 pm and then close my window at 7. I would have never dreamed I could be content doing this but it totally works for me and is a perfect way to control my non stop eating that was going on before IF.

I know I may have to adjust my fasting hours and/or adjust some of the foods I eat as I get farther along, but for now, I am a firm believer in this! I HIGHLY encourage others to check it out and give it a fair chance. Don't just try it for a week, a month or two. I say, give it a year and just see if you don't become a believer too! Check out Gin Stephens Delay, Don't Deny, and Jason Fung's Obesity Code. So much good information out there! I only wish I would have started this years ago!
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