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Friday, May 22, 2020

I was kidding before about gaining 19 pounds during Covid 19. I never really thought I would pass more than 6 pounds at most, but I am now at a 13 pounds gain. Insert an expletive of your choice here, because I already said mine. I have innocently eaten and sat my way up to 171. I was at 158 on February 29th. I worked hard to get it down to 158 before that. Then I slipped and thought, oh a few pounds is expected from being at home now all the time and blah blah blah,.... At my age, things don't fall off me anymore quickly. I can quickly put it on, but it's like a sticky sludge to get off.

So now to get serious. I hate Keto, it works, BUT I gain all that and more afterwards when I even look at a tortilla. I live in Texas people. The tortilla will take me down. So it has to be that I can eat everything except chocolate. Chocolate is a trigger for me. If I can stay away from chocolate (even dark) I will be able to handle almost anything.
I can make healthy choices instead of crappy ones and the ONLY LIMIT (besides chocolate) I WILL PUT ON MYSELF IS I have to eat at a 1000-1200 calorie limit and I have to watch the salt as well. But if I am eating that low of calories , salt should not be a problem. My blood pressure is too high

I understand that passion is fleeting and right now I am motivated, but I will blog at the end of each month to hold myself accountable. I joined a few new teams hoping they will inspire and motivate me to keep at this thing, this 50+ pound weight loss thing. I don't even recognize myself anymore.

I was in line at Marshalls, now thankfully open, and I saw a very tired, large, casually and flump-idly dressed woman in that overhead tv camera . Is flump-idly a word?? It is now! That was me in the camera. It was hard to even look at myself. I looked tired people.
You get the picture. I used to look bright and wide eyed. Now I look dull and tired. I couldn't believe the shape of me. I am not horrible (no one needs self hate), but in comparison to what I looked before, I don't look like me anymore. I seriously didn't recognize myself. I know when I lose weight near 150, I start to look like the person I remember. But time and pounds come on and then I think, I am sure I look the same as before. I have to, but I really change at that weight. I am only 5 foot 1 inch with an apple figure. Its plain dangerous to be this weight. That makes a difference. That amount of weight looks different on different people because of their height and where and how they wear the weight on their bodies.


GOALS until the end of May 2020 because I am starting today people!!! I am not waiting until June 1st and watch the *&^&% scale go up one *%$^# pound further.

*Joined the 170s club. I feel if I join a new group at every 10 pounds, I will get to 160 then 150 and so on and so forth... and get some new friends to as well. EASY and already accomplished!

*Drink 8-10 glasses a day . Not to lie about it but to force the water down if I have to get it in. I need to get rid of salt. I have high blood pressure. It's simple. It's something I can do.
*Walk 30 minutes a day. That is not a lot to ask of myself. I can do that at least.

*log in ALL my food. I do a great job at breakfast and lunch, then almost forget about it at dinner. What is that???

*NOT TO EAT after 7. NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! by then I should have already topped the 1000-1200 calorie intake anyway. after that, I would be just adding calories to that limit.

*Calorie limit, stop at1200. No chocolate.

That's what I can do until June 1st. I can add more stuff after these 10 days but not now. I will probably add PLAN my food the day before, but not now.

I shouldn't even call these Goals. I should call these MUSTS. Don't mean to sound rude or mean, I am just reacting to some innocent and laxing habits that drove me to #$*&*! 171 pounds within a 2 month period. It is so sad to me how a few carb luxuries and a few good tv shows sets all chaos into motion for me.

DAY 1 Begins.....

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I can't do keto. Makes me sick, like pancreatitis sick. Plus, I'm in this for longevity, and more plant based is better for longevity. Plus, I live on tortillas. Carb Balance by Mission.

    I gained weight too. I sprained my foot in March and gained sitting around letting it heal.

    So happy to have you on the Phoenix team!!!! This will be our summer!
    36 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Chocolate is also my trigger. Chicharones` too.
    39 days ago
    Lower carb sounds good I will do that I can’t do 30-50 carbs. I have to do 100 and I can still lose weight quickly on that
    43 days ago
    You are not the only one! Getting back on the saddle is hard. Your plan looks great. How about going low carb (instead of keto)?
    44 days ago
    It sounds like a good plan. Keep it as simple as possible. I have a similar calorie limit. I have been controlling my eating with intermittent fasting.
    The pounds go on a lot faster than they come off!
    emoticon emoticon
    45 days ago
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