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Atomic Habits/Catching Up/ Have a Safe Memorial Day Weekend

Sunday, May 24, 2020

emoticon emoticon Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend emoticon emoticon

Doesn't seem like another week should have rolled by already!

I've been listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear on Audible, and what a book! I think this will really work for me. At least, some of the strategies will. And then once I have those down, others will as well. Some are quite in sync with SP, such as streaks. Clear goes on to say that you will break your streak, no one is perfect, you will at one point go from eating great to eating pizza (or something else you aren't supposed to) and the key to keeping it a good habit, is starting right back the next meal and getting back to that streak, not eating bad again and starting a bad habit, or bad streak. Keep enforcing the good habits.

I'm starting whitening my teeth finally, I think my gums and teeth are healed enough that I can now. I do have one tooth in the very back that the filling seems to have come out of!! But I don't have to whiten it as it is my very back lower tooth and no one sees it but me and my dentist, so I'll wait till next week and give my dentist a call. For now I'm whitening every two days with one day off (for sensitivity) so that my teeth can get a rest, but if they get too sensitive, I'll go to every other day or every two days. I'm told that they will still whiten. It will just take longer. I'm so excited to have whiter teeth!!

We went to my in-laws for a 'burger burn' yesterday, but it was a bring-what-you-want kind of thing. We went to the first day of the local farmer's market and there was a local farm selling lamb, which was rather expensive and mine was mostly bone, but was very tasty. I've not had lamb in a long time, but don't remember it fondly. DH cooked it just right! Delish! Had a great time seeing everyone too. We should do it more often. Sigh. I wish family got together more often here, it would be really good for my girls to see their family more. But they don't seem interested in it. At least not that often.

I am so not good with electronics!!! I was mid-typing this and my bluetooth keyboard stopped working!! Just stopped. It showed as connected, but would not type a thing. I changed the battery, and eventually something I pushed did it. Don't know what, but it worked, LOL.

So, like Clear says in Atomic Habits, I'm going to start on a new habit or two myself. He actually says to start at the beginning of the month, because there is hope, and hope is key. I already have Hope (my dog, LOL!!) so I'm going to start today! Just kidding, my reasoning is that it is the beginning of a new week, and therefore hold some Hope to it too, although all of my calendars that are paper, the new week starts on Monday (because Sunday is planning day and day of rest) I don't know how I ended up with two totally different companies that have the calendars starting the week out on Monday. It took a while to get used to it, but I am, and switching my brain between my electronic and my paper calendars can be a trip, LOL. So I guess as today is planning day I should plan out my atomic habits and write them down and make my list of things to do daily. Not too many. Some before bed routine, some morning routine, and some eating and exercise routine. One in each category I think, will do. I'm trying to not overdo it. Especially physically with my knee the way it is. I'll probably lower my goal of 30 minutes of cardio to 20, just so I don't overdo it.

Okay, so now that I have my mind set to it, I'm going to go set up my work space and work on setting clear atomic habits that I can use as streaks and add to my start page... this should be fun and get me on my way to doing things in a more routine way. One thing that really flummoxed me was when Clear asked list our routine things we do daily, and my 'routine' is so wonky, waking up and going to bed is and eating is about the only routine things I do!! This whole 'shelter in place thing has me all out of what and I need to get into a routine because I'm actually a person who thrives on routine. Not having a routine has really messed with me.

So here goes, I'll start on my walking, gently, today and work on my plan for the rest of the week. Then I'll go through the packet I bought on ideas for boredom busters for the kids, projects to do to keep them entertained. Should (hopefully) be fun!!



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