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Lost 68 Pounds! I Love SparkPeople!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

In 2008 I was a glum overworked, out of shape office worker. When I was tired or stressed I would run to the vending machines for a junk food fix. I knew without change, I would continue to gain weight and the rest of my life would be a steady decline. At 242 pounds I needed a healthier lifestyle.

I didn't know anyone in my real life who needed to start dieting and exercising. I was everyone's fat friend. When I joined Sparkpeople I met this wonderful community of motivated people and got great information about diet and exercise. We all shared an enthusiasm to lose weight together and learn healthy lifestyle habits. I felt joy and relief to find my tribe. I love you!

Today I posted my 2020 Summer 5% Challenge Leaders introduction. It made me remember what a journey it's been to get here. Here is my little snippet in time.

This is Lynn and Summer is my 44th Challenge! Each season we start anew which is how we ensure all our teams have active members. I am excited about the Summer Challenge! A year ago I got to onederland and am now on the edge of the 160's, ready to lose another 9 pounds. I am not the fastest loser, but I am not a quitter!

2020 I am doing more of what makes me happy. I will be/stay happy if I am healthier, more fit and slimmer. I want to be physically confident to try new things like stand up paddle board and kayaking. I might not do these activities this year, but I will be ready for when it's opportune. I will get through 2020 ready for surgery in October and well prepared for 2021.

I am in a Medical Weight Management Program and take Contrave and Ozempic. My dietitian put me on a 1,200 - 1,400 calories a day food plan. For years I have eaten off a 9" Plate. I will follow the old Canada Food Guide.

Fruit 2
Vegetables 5
Grain Products 6 includes beans - garbanzo, black, etc.
Milk and Alternatives 3
Meat and Alternatives 2

What is your favorite exercise? I'll be honest I hate to exercise but the challenges inspire me to do my best. My new daily habit - 11 AM I do a videochat & YouTube exercise with my friends, tomorrow is Day 21! The exercises seem a little easier so I must be doing something right. I put my recumbent exercise bike outside and have a canopy over it, just need to get out and use it more.

My puppy Rebel is an active dog so I have a hiking buddy. At 4 PM hubby and I walk our dogs over to the schoolyard for playtime. They go crazy doing zoomies!

I started geocaching this spring. It's a good way to get some extra stretching and steps, and I am goal oriented so it's fun too.

I am trying new recipes, reorganizing my house, watching Survivor Season 3.

How long have you been Sparking? Since 2008! I have learned so much on Spark. Also, I love the 100 Days of Weight Loss books by Linda Spangle and am a member of that Spark group too.

I have been leading the 5% Challenges for years, so I could participate on ACTIVE teams. It's helped me lead a healthier lifestyle. My cooking style has changed so much. I never thought I would buy, cook and EAT zucchini, etc.

I am at my lowest weight in 20+ years! August 2019 I finally weighed less than my husband. Picture this he is 6'2" and I am 5'5". I am 42 pounds lighter than my driver's licence and 20 pounds lighter than hubby!

My hubby is also on SparkPeople and has been very successful with his fitness and weight goals. He is very supportive and helpful. When 'I go on a diet' HE loses weight. Go figure!

This year our yard is gorgeous. We planted LOTS of flowers because we are home to water them. Our lawn is amazing and needs to be cut twice a week.


This is Your Invitation to Lose with Me. Please join the next 5% Challenge. We can encourage each and reach our goals.

2020 Summer 5% Challenge!

This is your invitation! Are you looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, and have fun along the way? Check out the 2020 Summer 5% Challenge! Team members will work towards losing 5% of their starting weight in 8 weeks by participating in team challenges that focus on exercise & healthy lifestyle habits. Members in maintenance are also welcome. Let’s have fun, make new friends and get in shape! Start date to be announced.

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