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Still Working on It After Ten Years

Thursday, July 16, 2020

I reread my last post from June 2019. I didn't realize it had been that long since I wrote one.

To be honest, I wasn't up to it because it's been such a huge struggle again this past year. I guess I can be thankful I haven't gained back all the weight I lost ten years ago. Some of it, but not all.

My weight creeped up last year to 217 lb. and I felt sick to my stomach. I have a lifelong issue with the scale from childhood. My highest in 2010 was 234 lb. I am 5'2". I was halfway to goal when I got together with my hubby and it skyrocketed to 220 from 184 from lack of sleep, two jobs, and too much takeout to save time. Plus the stress of it all.

My weight in June 2019 according to my post was 209. I mentioned our Disney World/Florida trip to spend a couple of days at Disney and time with friends sightseeing. One friend is a native Floridian. We're in Canada. Well, I was probably heavier than that in FL. I tried to watch what I ate and drank.

After the weight bouncing between 209-213 for several months, I am finally back on the downward slide to 203.4 lb. this morning! I am so happy. Almost 7 lb. in 6 weeks. It's a start and 4 lb. from Onederland again! Once that happens I am reaffirming that vow that 200 will be on my hubby's weight and not mine! (He is 6', 275 lb and not interested in trying to lose.)

Aside from the inspiring stories here on SP, I have met several in my life who have lost a lot of weight. The current one is close to brother. He is 64, 6'3" and his average weight over the years was 260-280 lb. I saw him in March for the first time since November and I almost didn't recognize him. He'd lost 60 lb.! He's had the same lifelong issue with weight as me from childhood. He's doing so well and feeling better. My motivator!

Another motivator is being an example for my nine-year-old granddaughter. I also have two new granddaughters born in June. My daughter and stepdaughter had beautiful, healthy baby girls. I love them all so much!

In addition, I live with several health issues and losing this weight would help cope with them.

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