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Monday, July 20, 2020

What will you do today to bring your dreams and goals closer to reality? This was a question posted on the BLC thread on Azure this morning for our Make it Happen segment by Suseee, here is my answer to her question.

I started last year, making life a little simpler for me. Harry and I down sized our apartment to a smaller one, easier to look after. We then downsized our belongings, got rid of all the clutter, "Why do we need so much stuff" I tell you it is wonderful to free yourself of all those extra things we really don't need.

I then took stock of my health, so many surgeries, so much pain, so I knew I had to make some drastic changes there. That's when the BLE( Bright Lines Eating) diet came into effect, this diet really works if I apply myself.My diabetes is under control, as well as blood pressure, and cholesterol, health is my main motivator these days.The exercising I do as I can manage, some is better than none at all.

I have also learned with this pandemic, and staying at home , to appreciate the small things , a glimpse of a deer, watching the birds on the deck Being thankful for all that I have, a wonderful husband, children, grand kids, and great grand kids, they bring joy to our lives

As you all know I have lost many of my dear friends in the past couple of years, so I do appreciate the few friends remaining. I appreciate each day to wake up and face another day of joy and anticipation, " what will today bring"., making sure I do what is necessary to enjoy all of the above, These are all good reasons to follow through and do the best I can each day!

I know I rambled on a bit, but those are the reasons I care enough to push forward to obtain my goals.The goals of my youth have been reached, now it is all about Harry and Me, and going through our senior years together.

My routine is BLE Eating ( no sugar, no flour, no snacks)---planning my meals each evening----Exercising at least 30 min a day, usually chair, or bands, small weights....Drinking 7-8 glasses of water daily--.Spark and you ladies motivate me, and keep me going, but lately Harry has come on board, he has not brought any sweets into the house, since my call to surgery! emoticon

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