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Only three things will create a lasting change

Thursday, July 30, 2020

-Have an epiphany
-change my environment
-change my habits in tiny ways

This is a summary of parts of the introduction to BJ Fogg's book Tiny Habits.

To create a true epiphany is difficult and probably impossible. Unless you have magical powers....sometimes I feel like I do when I am talking about my Scarlet Dragon team. But, in that real world that I live I cannot create an epiphany for myself...and waiting for one might take my whole life. Not really a good idea.

The other two options are a good place to start.

Janesgn from the BLC team Resolute Renagades.... In her team Tiny Habits shared a mud pie example that she created to help understand Tiny Habits....and here is my summary of it...hope explain the heart of the message.

Everyone has a different "Recipe" for weight loss, and no two individuals are alike. Each person needs a different amount of planning, exercise, focus-- like healthy eating etc. etc. so so if you think of a little kid playing out in the might prefer more water, etc.

Actually sorry Janesgn, I changed this to a sandcastle formation. Depending on the sand your using and the beach etc... you need different things.....and I can envision a beautiful sand castle more easily than mud. But, the idea is the same.

Tiny Habits-
`Focus on small actions that I can do.
`Big habits usually don't stick, because it feels hard to do something if it is to big. The stakes are to high.

Working on tweaking the Maui habit so It speaks to me...Right now it is to PollyAnna ish.

Stay tuned for what I am resolute about and a renagade against.....And, what is and how I changed the Maui habit.

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