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HOW to make green fresh JUICE from vegetables and fruit....

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

= Juice Extractor

HOW to make green fresh JUICE from vegetables and fruit....

click on this link to watch the Video on YouTube.


HOW to make Green fresh juice by Joe Cross ... click on this link below:

He DEMONSTRATES how to make green juice step-by-step WITH fruits included :-)

NOTE: emoticon Joe Cross starred in the Film/video called: "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead"
and that is where he learned about Fresh Juicing for his life.



emoticon Juicing 101 - A Beginners Guide To Juicing + Juicers

click on this link for BEGINNERS GUIDE TO JUICING AND WHY =

NOTE: you can use any veggie/fruit you like.... your choice

NOTE: Spinach and Kale have the HIGHEST Nutritionally Densed Vegetables per list above.

NOTE: You can put fresh juice in SEALED Mason Jars in refrigerator UP to 3 days per Joe Cross

NOTE: you can DRINK veggies/fruits but also EAT MORE veggies and fruit as well.

emoticon Honestly = I tend to FORGET to consume veggies/fruits DAILY... hence the trying the Juice Method every morning as a NEW habit to improve health emoticon

emoticon MY PLAN:

emoticon Ease into it... no rush...

* Start with maybe = 4 oz then work up to 8 oz, etc.

* DEFINITELY pour juice OVER ICE = that's MY plan:

I do not like anything or room temperature, especially juice which I think honestly it will taste disgusting but I am hoping that using a LONGGGGG straw and using ICE CUBES... and adding my own additional Fruits like watermelon, strawberries and/or oranges and red apples will sweetened it up so it is bearable LOL... seriously... I will be adding more fruit to my vegetable juicing.

* I don't even know what GINGER is NOR what it tastes like = but I have it and will use it once WITH ginger and WITHOUT ginger and see which one l like best :-)

* Start with = Fresh Juice for breakfast EVERY morning ...
and increase over time
like drink for Breakfast
then maybe over time drink fresh juice for Breakfast AND a snack
or maybe have fresh juice for Breakfast and lunch,
and then a regular meal for dinner ...

my plan = Make enough fresh juice to put into sealed mason Jars for up to 3 days

emoticon what am I looking forward to: emoticon

* Making JUST fresh juice with JUST ORANGES emoticon because I want to SEE what freshly squeezed orange juice REALLY tastes like and not out of a container LOL..... an orange juice that "I MADE" out of a machine from fresh oranges, yeh!!!!!


1. To INCREASE my "micro-nutrients" which is veggies/fruit DAILY.(apparently its important)

2. To feed my CELLS in my body DIRECTLY via the Superfoods of Veggies/fruits JUICE.

3. Building this NEW Habit of increasing veggies/fruit Intake = hoping results in WT. LOSS to be honest. Like going from eating TOO MUCH processed and JUNK foods to eating and drinking fresh veggies and fruits.

so basically BESIDES improving my HEALTH from the inside out...
I would also like to LOSE WEIGHT

THAT is why I am doing this for "Me" emoticon

I ordered this Juicer online.... $48.00

SIZE = Some juicer extractor machines have a SMALL mouth.... I needed a BIG MOUTH
so I ordered this one.

Note: = Some companies sell this SAME machine for $60.00 and Higher
... I looked and looked and looked...

= Juice Extractor

= Installed in my home on 08/11/20 after disinfected product and counter emoticon

Found this SAME machine sold at Home Depot with tax INCLUDED for $48.00
I just had to pick it up at the Home Depot when it arrived.

Note: They also have this machine at TARGET online for about the same price .. for one dollar cheaper but one has to WAIT two weeks to get it. Home Depot I had to wait like 1 wk. or less.

emoticon NOTE to Self: Notes and Instructions

* Put a plastic bag INTO the Barrel to collect the fiber extracted from the veggies/fruits for EASY clean-up.
* Turn machine on... then WAIT 5 seconds then begin to use the machine.
* For JUICING = turn the button to selection # 2 for strong grade JUICING.

emoticon Instructions per booklet:

* Operating Time: emoticon
This machine is designed with 3 button options:

* OFF = to STOP
* I grade = weak grading
* II grade = strong grading

FOR JUICING: YES I will be using ICE in my fresh juice emoticon

Select STRONG grading # II grade.
After operating for ONE minute,
STOP for 1 minute
then use again.

AFTER the above operation for 3 times,
STOP for 15 minutes
Do NOT operate UNTIL the motor has cooled
this way, the Motor will operate WITHOUT "overheating" and
the machine WILL last longer and operate EFFICIENTLY.

= I am happy because I am ON MY WAY to a nutritionally sound body, yeh!!!
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