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Day 141 - We're only making plans for Tizslim

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

If all goes to plan I shall be travelling 'home' on Thursday 20th August.  I say if all goes to plan because I still haven't been able to get my tickets sorted out.  I've tried the website numerous times, I've tried 'phoning, I've tried emailing.  All to no avail.  I probably will have to go to the station but I was trying to avoid that, not least because generally they don't do the cheaper advance ticket prices at the station.  Crazy eh?  

A number of us in The Brunch Bunch have missed out on our birthday 'Rhubarbs' [so named after the cafe where we hold our gatherings].  The last such birthday was Sally's at the beginning of July.  So we're going to have her Rhubarb on Friday 21st August.  Rhubarb is a smallish cafe hence we're going to get takeaway and have the actual event in Elaine's garden.  I normally have a 'full English' or variation thereof but I don't think that will work all that well as a takeaway so I'll have to check their menu for something else.  I'll be staying at Elaines until Monday 24th August.

My mother's birthday was 25th August so daughter and I plan to go to Southend on Sea, where mum lived, to honour her birthday on Tuesday 25th.  Daughter will collect me from Elaine's at some point on Monday 24th.  She called me today to tell me what she's got planned.  She's booked for us to go out for sushi on Wednesday 26th, she'll be doing a barbecue at her place for the family on Thursday 27th, afternoon tea out on Friday 28th, then a manicure plus pedicure on Saturday 29th.  After which she'll drop me back at Elaine's so I can prepare the food for Elaine's barbecue on Sunday 30th.  Sounds like my feet will barely touch the ground.

After deliberating for so long [with youngest son's help] over which dual tablet/laptop to buy, I decided upon which one I wanted.  Checked prices, availability etc as I wanted it for my trip home.  Found one on eBay and sent the link to YS just to double check I wasn't missing anything.  Mostly because on a 'gut' level, there was something about the listing that somehow didn't sit right for me though I couldn't put my finger on it.  Nope - the genuine article.  So I ordered it and paid.  I was very excited when it arrived today.  Gives me a week to get used to using it etc.  Or so I thought.  Imagine my disappointment when I opened it up and found it didn't include the keyboard.  Or 'type cover' as they like to call it. 

Natch I messaged the seller and asked if the 'type cover' [stupid, stupid, stupid name - it's a keyboard ffs] was being sent separately.  Oh no he blithely told me, "it doesn't include the type cover because I didn't include a photograph of a type cover''.  P!ss off.  The description included the words 'type cover'.  You can see for yourself.


So I replied pointing out that the description is quite clear. He claimed it was a typo.  If so, why hasn't he now changed the listing?  Overall, his response was not satisfactory so I've opened a 'resolution request' with eBay.  The thing is, the guy is clearly a chancer.  I guess he reckons people will either assume it's their error, so accept the loss, or return the item and have to pay his 'restocking fee'.  Trust me, I'm not as green as I'm cabbage looking.  Everything will go through eBay and be documented and photographed.  

I bumped into Ethina on my travels today.  We had quite the chat.  I've booked her to do my hair on Thursday round at her place.  Cut 'n' colour.  Apart from occasional highlights in my younger days, I've never had my hair coloured.  Well except once I coloured it myself.  A few days later my boss at the time called me into his office to update me on various things.  And to thank me for my work.  "I don't notice what people are wearing or any of that stuff.  You could dye your hair jet black and I wouldn't notice.  Drives Helen [his wife] up the wall.  But I do notice good work Tiz so thank you for all your efforts". 

I totally get where Helen was coming from.  I didn't care that he hadn't noticed that I'd actually gone from blonde [my natural colour] to aubergine, but I could see her point of view!  Nowadays it's a mixture of mousey brown and grey [my hair that is, no idea about Helen's], so I'm very much looking forward to a new look.


Bright blessings

*Back in 1900 and frozen to death, I had a b/f called Nigel. Man did I tease him with this song.

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