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Medication AND working out too hard..Something you should know.

Monday, September 14, 2020

I have been working out very very hard for the whole summer. Instead of losing weight I have been gaining weight. Now, I do know you gain some weight with muscle building, but something just wasn't right.
So, I started doing some research yesterday. One med I'm on is Lipitor for high colesterol.
Here is what I found out. From the research I did, I'm fighting a losing battle, not only that but putting my health in danger.
This is from one website and all the websites said pretty much the same thing.


"Lipitor belongs to a family of medications known as statins, which lower cholesterol levels in the blood by reducing the amount of cholesterol your liver produces.

“Sometimes muscle pain is due to an interaction with another medication you’re taking, or a sign that your thyroid or vitamin D level needs to be checked,” says Amy Pollak, M.D., cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic. “Other times, it’s a sign that your body doesn’t tolerate the medication and that you’re having a more serious reaction, called rhabdomyolysis.”

"Rhabdomyolysis occurs when muscle tissue breaks down, releasing into the blood stream. It can cause kidney damage or failure, and even death. (Yes, that's the same condition people get from going too hard at the gym.)"

Amelia Sattler, M.D., family medicine doctor at Stanford Health Care, says dark, tea-colored pee is one good indication that your muscles are deteriorating. Rhabdomyolysis, however, only occurs in one in 10,000 patients on statins, according to Thomas, and usually happens when there is too much statin in the bloodstream.
Still, if you feel your muscles throbbing, it’s best to let your doctor know right away—especially if the pain is severe or if you’re taking any other prescription medications. A simple blood test can show if any muscle deterioration has occurred, and your doctor may try lowering your dose to see if it helps resolve your symptoms.

Also on the website https://www.everydayhealth.com
/drugs/lipitor it said:
Atorvastatin can cause the breakdown of muscle tissue, which can lead to kidney failure. This happens more often in women, in older adults, or people who have kidney disease or poorly controlled hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).

On the treadmill alone I have been using an incline of 14.0 and walking at a speed of 4.0 mph. for an hour and losing 850 calories every morning at 5am!!! I am 66 years old too!
Not only that but working out on the weight machines 3 times per week, another 300 calories lost. I've recently added weight to almost all my weight machines. Then I do crunches for 10 minutes a day.

No wonder my muscles are screaming!
Working out TOO hard!
I am experiencing muscle pain, cramps in my legs, muscle weakness, decreased performance, and exhaustion.
I'm going to have to go to my doctor for testing to see about muscle damage.

This morning I changed my workout.
I only did 30 minutes on the treadmill this time. My incline was still 14.0 but I decreased my speed to 3.1 mph. burning 400 calories instead of 850. I could also breathe during my workout on the treadmill today. When I was using a speed of 4.0 mph at 14.0 incline I had to stop every 50 calories burned to catch my breath. It wasn't always that way, I use to burn 200 calories before stopping to rest for a minute, so, my performance has degenerated.

This is a warning to all who take medication and exercise too hard. The combination h
can have serious side effects. Do your research on every drug you take.

I hope this has helped. Have a great day.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • PICKIE98
    So what did you finally settle on for your med? How are you?
    202 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    How are you doing today?
    212 days ago
    Well written and informative blog. I have been on satins for 25 years and 23 years ago my doctor wanted to put me on Lipitor and I refused. One reason was that I had read some bad things about it but at the time it was a very expensive drug compared to other satins. He made the comment "Well Bill some people can afford a Cadillac and some people can only afford a Chevrolet." That disturbed me.
    Twenty-two years later I ended up in the hospital for diabetes, very sick. Coming out I joined SparkPeople and put togeather a regiment of exercise and eating, sticking tight to my program.
    3 1/2 years later I was completely off of all diabetic medication. Three weeks ago we were looking at my numbers and I had brought my total cholesterol from 260 (in the hospital) to 90. My doctor was dumbfounded and he immediately took me off of cholesterol medication, the first time in 25 years.
    Today all I take is a blood pressure medication and he's going to start weaning me off of that IF I can continue doing what I am doing.
    213 days ago
    I took the same drug for awhile and was in excruciating pain when I exercised--my muscles ached terribly, I could barely exercise. My doctor switched me finally to Gemfibrozil to work with my triglycerides and I was able to exercise without pain. Good luck in finding the right medication for you. IMHO, statins stink.
    219 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/14/2020 11:07:37 PM
    Yes!@ I was on a statin and felt lousy for 6 mths. Talked w/the Dr and just said that was the end of it. I was afraid of the rhabgomyolosis. And the kidney failure, too.

    NOT WORTH IT. Cut down on the salt, got appropriate exercise and it helped. The rhabdo can end up being permanent if you don't stop the statin!
    219 days ago
    219 days ago
  • LOSER05
    Thank you soo much and for sharing emoticon

    219 days ago
    Thank you so much ❤️ for sharing this friend. I am on the same medicine for chorestal too. It definitely puts up some red flags. Please keep me posted on what is going on with you. Hugs friend and prayers. Again thanks for sharing
    219 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I was on lipitor for quite a while until I researched it. It was a skyrocket price, PLUS I was in constant pain.
    I am on simvastatin and get a liver profile test done every six months, Vit D checkups,etc. My muscle soreness decreased about 80% when I switched off that horrible drug.
    219 days ago
    I'm so glad you found the problem. I know you have been in pain for some time. Let us know how your new routine goes. Are you going to stop taking the Lipitor? emoticon
    219 days ago
  • CHERYL4808
    Very eye-opening. Thank you for sharing this message! I’m very much relieved to read that you’re easing up on the intensity of your workouts while you check with your physician in light of everything. Please keep us posted. Wishing you relief for your muscles, and a solid diagnosis for recovery. emoticon emoticon
    219 days ago
    Thank you for the great information. Glad you are changing your exercise routine and checking with your Doctor. emoticon emoticon
    219 days ago
    emoticon I knew a lot of this, and that's why I don't take statins! They are dangerous, just like you said! Found out some new things also, so thank you so much for letting me know about the blog!

    219 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    emoticon for posting this very important blog! I am not on any prescription drugs, and have no pre existing conditions. This is good information for those who would like to begin their research on this topic. I'm glad you did research, and sought your doctor's advice, and are following the recommendations. I am glad that you are scaling back on your demanding exercise regimen, and I hope your body will begin to repair itself. Thanks again and have a great week!
    219 days ago
    As you may know that statins, which lower cholesterol levels in the blood by reducing the amount of cholesterol almost took my life in 2005.
    I had lost all my muscle from the neck down and was paralyzed and was bedridden for a long time it took me three years before I could get my life back enough to do daily activities.
    I was not working out at the time I was just doing regular house work and some gardening and it happened to me, so it does not only affect those who work out.
    I would ask that you ask your Dr. for natural ways to lower your cholesterol that is what I did and have lowered it on my own through eating the proper diet and walking.
    It almost took my life it is nothing to mess with get off of them as soon as possible.
    219 days ago
    emoticon for the information and the reminder to check with the doc before starting an exercise program.
    Hope you get answers from the doc and things improve. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    219 days ago
  • CKOUDSI617
    Hello! Thank you for posting this very important blog! I am (thankfully) on no prescriptions and have no pre-existing conditions of which I am aware (good thing because I have no health insurance) but I will definitely share this information with my sister (who's on many) and friends. I am in no danger of working out too hard - quite the opposite! :) I'm glad you are scaling back on your demanding activity schedule and I am sure you will see some good results! Thanks again and have a great week!
    220 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/14/2020 10:48:39 AM
    Please, go check out PCRM.ORG. emoticon
    220 days ago
    Wow, wake up call, so 1st please be careful, 2nd go to your dr. just to be sure your ok and 3rd I guess they are right when they say to check with your dr before starting any exercise plan. Take care of yourself. Again thanks for enlightening us
    220 days ago
    emoticon Thank you for educating me more about Lipitor.
    220 days ago
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