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Mohs Surgery

Friday, September 18, 2020

I had this tiny skin cancer on my forehead. Not a good place to have it, because of the possibility of scarring. My dermatologist had biopsied it back in January, and was mildly upset at me for not having had it removed when he saw me in July. I told him my son was dying of cancer during those six months, and dealing with the skin cancer was the last thing on my mind. He apologized.

However, I thought I had better deal with it, now that Danny is gone, and I want to try to take better care of myself. So I scheduled the surgery. What I knew about Mohs surgery is that they remove what they hope is all the cancer, but look at it under the microscope, and if they haven't gotten it all, they remove more. And even a third time if necessary. Sounds simple, and sounds like only the minimum tissue would be removed. All I can say is, if he removed the minimum, I would really hate to see the maximum.

He took out a huge chunk of tissue - basically a deep circle an inch in diameter. They wouldn't have showed it to me, except that I have a lot of experience with doctors. I always ask. So I got to see it. It was a very large wound, by my standards, anyway. The doctor downplayed it, and said it would be easy to stitch up. I knew better. Or I should say that it was probably easy enough to stitch up, but it has been a big problem for me - the skin on my forehead has been stretched to the point of pretty bad pain. He had to force the edges of the wound together - and we are talking an inch diameter. He also admitted it would be a noticeable scar. Well, I can live with a scar. I just hope the extreme stretching of my skin doesn't cause me more problems.

He was a nice guy. I guess I am just not too good with Susie Sunshine doctors - I would rather have a realistic assessment than over optimism.

I go back in a week to get the stitches out.
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