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Friday, November 27, 2020

Store manager Bob stopped by a small manufacturing plant he spotted
during his last trip through part of the countryside in the hopes of gaining
another client in the area. However, little did Bob know that the plant
manager was going to be a tough customer.

With a broad smile and a reassuring tone, Bob handed the plant manager
a beautiful box of cigars as a gift but the man barely gave it a sideways
glance before he said,

"No cigars for me, thank you, I smoked one once and it was horrible."

Bob is nothing if not prepared, so he offered to take the plant manager out
for a few beers, but again the suggestion missed the mark.

"No alcohol for me, thank you. I drank it once and it was horrible."

Not ready to give up just yet, Bob got a bright idea as he looked out the window
and saw people playing golf.

"That's quite alright," he told the plant manager.

"How about you come and play a round of golf as my personal guest?"

However, for the third time, Bob's luck struck out, as the plant manager replied,

"No golf for me, thank you. I played the sport once, and it was horrible."

The plant manage had barely finished his sentence when a young man joined
them at the table. "Let me introduce my son, Jason," the plant manager said.

Surprised, Bob gave the young mana quick once over before he replied,
"Let me guess, he is an only child?"
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