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My longest run EVER! And discovering Chi-Running.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

I just made it to a BIG GOAL!! 4.8 miles!

Ive been running every other day since Memorial Day. When I started I was only jogging in 60 second bursts with 90 second walks in between. My big running goal of the year was to run this loop without dropping to a walk "by Thanksgiving" but I am declaring that "by the end of Thanksgiving weekend" is close enough!

I had never even tried it before because I was afraid of pooping out 70% into it then have to drag myself home. It makes a loop around the river crossing at the only two bridges across the Wisconsin River. About 3 out of the 4.8 miles are through the woods and along the river. Too too pretty for words.

Not only did I run this loop I've thought about so long but I also set a personal record for my 5k - 48:12 AND I had a woman come up behind me on the trail and said excuse me for being so slow. I laughed. We ended up running together for about a half of a mile. I've never chatted while running so I never knew if I could or not. Come to find out she is the admin for our local running facebook group which I just joined a few days ago. Eventually I had to confess that I couldn't talk much more. She was going for 9 miles today so she decided to drop to a walk while I trotted on down the trail. The weather was very Novembery - billowy with warm warm sunbeams every once in a while. It was 35 F and very windy on some parts. The incredible part was when I slowed down to walk the last three blocks I felt like I could run a lot farther! I am now home, in squishy flannels, wondering how much of the 870 calories I burned I'm going to "spend" on pasta tonight!

My next goal is to keep running, snowshoeing when I must, throughout the winter. This will be my first year without "an off season".

Running makes losing weight easier and losing weight makes running easier.

But new on the horizon is my discovery of Chi-running and realizing it is so so similar to how I already run with minimalist shoes and an upright but leaning forward posture. Even though I am already a joyously slow nose breather, I am at the bottom of a mighty mighty mountain of learning. Right now I am just working on standing with my lower abs engaged and the back of my my neck elongated. I am very excited about just the little I've learned. I now own the ebook and have been slowly going through the audio collection of guided Chi walking and Chi running exercises from my local library. I am certain I will be writing much more about Chi running as I learn more. But for now I am just letting myself relax and fall into it. I can't wait to see where this new path takes me.

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