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Monday, January 04, 2021

S-Specific-What do you plan to accomplish? Why should I achieve this Goal exactly?

M-Measurable & Metrics-Information used to measure progress? How to measure progress? Quantify & put numbers into outcome? Share Numbers w/ team?

A-Attainable & Achievable-(ACTION) Amount of growth planning to achieve? Am I capable of achieving goal? Do I have the needed skills? If not, how to build them?

R-Relevance-How does the goal align with objectives? Is it a worthwhile goal at the right time? Why am I setting this goal? How will you know when goal has been met?

T-Timely-What is the deadline? Is it realistic?

My BLC45 GOALS: Simple

Cardio= Weekly 60 mins 5X's
ST/PT= Weekly 20 mins 4X's
YOGA/Pilates=30 min 5X's
Sleep Goal= 7 hrs of sleep 7X's

A bit general down below, will work on this entry for a few days to make SMART GOALS!

Areas to Focus Upon! (Not done yet, but bedtime is calling me, Monday morning comes pretty early)

#1. Keep Weight between 113-115, pretty certain this is my sweet spot area. Below 112 is too low and if I exercise too much I get worn out, tired easily! Need to keep energy stable!

#2. Nutrition
Breakfast-Doing well here with Oatmeal, Eggs, Yoghurt, Quinoa, Grains, Sometimes a Sandwich; Lunch-Usually A Sandwich, Soup, Stew, Bento or something similar with Fruit and a Tea to drink; Dinner-Varies. A Variety of Breakfast and Lunch Items! Snacks-Multi-Grain Crackers, Cheese, Fruit, Hard Boiled Eggs, Yoghurt, Carrots, Radish, Peppers etc

Still eating a bit of chicken but gave up meat for the most part. (Added B-12 to the rotation of Vitamins a day! Multi-Vitamins, Omega, B-12, Vitamin-C & Anemia med)

Liquids-Coffee in the morning not to exceed 16 ounces! Teas-Various flavors, sometimes SF Snapple like peach or lemon! Once in a while I will have an 8 ounce soda but its infrequent. Rarely have an alcoholic drink! Sometimes straight water or a carbonated water!

#3. Exercise
Walking/Cardio-Usually about an hour to 90 minutes a day. Cardio Videos mainly from my laptop! Bob Harper, Billy Blanks, Keoni Tamayo, Jessica Smith, Leslie Sansone,

Strength Training-Different ST Videos or Guides online! Arnold Schwarzenegger, Body Project, Fitness Blender, Spotebi, HASfit, POPSUGAR etc...

Yoga/Pilates-Online and from the book Yoga for Arthritis and a few others! I would like to get back to the studio & personal trainer. Hopefully later this year will be able to get back to this one!

#4. Mental Health-Journaling & Writing helps considerably with keeping the temperament & emotions balanced, so I don't get blue mood. (Blue Mood, you saw me standing alone...hehehehe) Also, during December-February I get less sun and light so use my light enhancer to improve mentality! Paper Planning also works in concert, because when I am organized my thoughts and emotions are in check.

#5. Organization & Planning-Areas-Work, Home, Me, Family, Cats

#6. Reading, Writing, Music-Self-Care for me basically!
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