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Thursday, January 07, 2021

New Round, time for new goals, or recycling the old ones.

I have been talking recently about changing my life and wanting… more. I decided to go back to school. And, although I won’t be starting until fall it is getting real. I was just contacted by the college to do an interview about the best fit for my program and transcripts and all that jazz. Now I need to see if I can dig up my transcripts, diploma, etc. to send along so they have all the information. If I can find it. I haven’t needed these documents in over 20 years. So, hopefully I can remember where I put them or find the storage box, they are in.

So my dreams are to get my BS, be in the best shape of my life, have an organized and decluttered home, take the time and be present for my friends, fall more in love with my husband, and do things that fill me with joy. (Did you notice that focusing on me is last?) A lot of dreams going on in my brain right now, and that’s good. Dreams show where my values lie.

I’ve been taking a free class from Mel Robbins and she states that Dreams are expansive and freeing. Goals on the other hand are hard. They are the work you need to put in to make the dreams a reality. I’d never really thought about it that way before. Dreams are to open you up and fill you with joy. Goals are the day to day, grindy stuff that you dread.

This year I will be working on several of my dreams, and I’m going to have to do the grindy stuff to get there.

Dream 1:
Complete BS degree
1. Apply
2. Find transcripts from both colleges (must be done in two weeks
3. Interview with college (must be done this month)
4. Enroll in classes
5. Participate in classes
6. Study
7. Complete assignments
8. Take tests (I hate testing with a passion)

Dream 2:
Be in the best shape of my life.
1. Move daily
2. Strength Train
3. Try new exercises

Dream 3:
Have a decluttered, organized, livable home (with space to move and do things in).
1. Wash dishes daily (yuck)
2. Throw away empty boxes
3. Vacuum
4. Dust
5. Keep/Give/Toss excess stuff
6. Find homes for everything in house
7. Pick up after myself daily
8. Swish & swipe bathroom daily

Dream 4:
Fall more in love with my husband
1. Be present in the moment with him
2. Go for walks and talk about dreams (for both of us separately and together)
3. Tell him every day that I love him
4. Forgive when he doesn’t help with…
5. Play more

Dream 5:
Fill my life with joy
1. Explore my spirituality
2. Read books (not just fiction)
3. Celebrate everything
4. Be proactive.
5. Speak my mind
6. Stop people pleasing all the time (walking on eggshells not to hurt their feelings)

Dream 6: Be financially independent/retire with enough to travel
1. Pay off credit cards
2. Invest more in 401K
3. Eat meals at home
4. Save for new car rather than buying on credit
5. Pay cash for everything
6. Pay off credit cards at end of every month

Some of these are more nebulous and have less steps than the others and is hard to see the steps/goals needed to get there. But, it’s a start. Last year I wouldn’t have even put fill my life with joy on the list.

Back to goals for the next 85 days.

1. Move (exercise) daily
2. Eat the NS way (only when hungry, 10-5-10, sugar reset as needed, drink H2OJ & water)
3. Wash dishes daily
4. Declutter 10 minutes daily
5. Write down 3 things I am thankful for daily.
6. Take at least one step towards getting my degree, weekly.

This is about mental toughness, doing it anyway. If I do I will reward myself, maybe a new laptop for school? Sound like a good reward for getting my life ready for this new challenge. Will need to talk to DH about that though as it's a pretty big reward.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your goals and tasks to complete those goals was well thought out and appear doable in the small steps you've outlined.

    Exciting news about going back to school. Is BS Bachelor of Science? Is that the field you work in?
    90 days ago
    I love this!!! I am so excited for you to rock this round and this year. emoticon
    104 days ago
    Thank you so much for sharing your dreams and goals! They are beautifully written and inspiring.

    I followed you into the Mel Robbins course, and I'm enjoy it a lot. But, I had the weirded sense of deja vu when I read your financial dream. It was almost the exact same wording as mine! I had written, "Be financially independent and retire with abundant money for travel".

    You are taking on a lot in the next 85 days, and in the next year! Me too. Here's hoping that we accomplish our goals and reach for our dreams in 2021!
    105 days ago
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