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Friday, January 08, 2021

I posted this to one of my teams today and because I knew I would want or NEED to refer to it again I wanted to put it somewhere where it was easily accessible to me and thought I'd put it in a Blog.

No doubt about it our world has changed, it will never be the same as it was before Covid. We can't go shopping at will because of lock downs or maybe we don't feel quite safe enough OR maybe we are thinking "I don't need anything right now, as in clothes, so why buy anything, I'm not going anywhere to wear it anyway." I live in Canada and big box stores are hurting and hurting bad, already T Eaton Company has shut its doors as has Simpsons Sears, Zellers, K- Mart and The Bay is on the way out. Is Wal Mart next? Soon, everything will be bought on line because it's, in some cases, cheaper, it's more convenient and let's face it, it's safer Therefore less and less chatting and visiting among people. First cell phones and now this; soon we won't be able to even communicate with our fellow human beings because, let's face it, communication is a skill we learned long ago - like when were standing in our cribs jabbering away!!

I'm glad I'm the age I am and not just coming into this world. Never has so much change taken place in such a short time. I hear all the time "the days are long, time is passing so slowly, I can't wait until Friday, we can't visit our loved ones, we can't do this we can't do that" and on and on it goes. If we were able to do all those things we complain about not being able to do would we really be doing so much more than we are actually doing now? It's the same old thing, we always want what we don't have; to do what we can't or what is not allowed. It's like being a kid again. No, don't touch that, no you can't, no, no, no. No wonder we rebelled and stomped our feet (If in fact we did stomp our feet or throw ourselves on the floor in a tantrum.)

I went for a walk yesterday, something I haven't done for quite a few days due to having a sore foot and I paid attention, really paid attention to what was going on around me, what the sky looked like, how deep the snow was in places, I looked at the tree tops to see if Mr. owl was sitting on a branch somewhere, I listened to the birds chirping, I watched one dip and dive in the sky, I felt the sun on my face. I breathed in the fresh air; I was thankful for many things, even wondering why certain people have come into my life and how they have affected my way of life, my demeanor, my mental health. I was just happy to be there, talking to God as I walked (yes out loud and the birds didn't even look at me like I was bonkers!!!) It was glorious. I didn't go for a long walk, it was just long enough, just perfect.

No, we can't do a variety of things in today's world so let's enjoy each day as it comes, let's see positives instead of negatives, let's not wish our life away, let's live it day by day.

Have a good January 8, 2021 cause it's the only one we're going to get, this is it folks, when the clock strikes midnight it's gone forever, this. is. it.
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    50 days ago
    Verna, your BLOG is truly inspiring for others. Well written and so true. AS I was out power walking today I looked up at the glorious sun and I spoke to God out loud as well , thanking him for answering my prayers. I know there are many days ahead without the sun again but I will just keep reminding myself O fall the blessings I do have to keep myself from feeling so down .

    Thank you for your BLOG, it has inspired me and thank you so much for your daily chuckles and awesome stories and pictures that make me smile

    Susan emoticon
    56 days ago
    Glad you got a nice walk in. Those walks are good for the sole, and they don't have to be real long either.
    56 days ago
    56 days ago
    Yes, enjoy today. That's all we have.
    56 days ago

    56 days ago
    Loved your blog. Such truth. I too have been trying to be more in touch with nature around me and appreciating as much as possible. Trying to look positive instead of always negative.
    57 days ago
    I am glad you got out for a glorious walk but sad that you feel so restricted because of COVID and the restrictions it has brought us. We have become accustomed to the hustle and bustle of commercialism and I find it very refreshing to rediscover the natural world around us that for so long we have turned our backs upon. It has never gone away and now is our opportunity to regain our strengths by interacting with it. emoticon
    57 days ago
    Loved your blog, what a beautiful walk, I'm happy for you!
    I live in a big city, so I don't have immediate access to nature, but there are some hills a 10 minute drive away, and I walk outside a lot, mostly alone, but often with husband, family or friends.
    Walking outside under open sky is pure joy, despite pandemic and side effects, if I really pay attention to what I see, how I feel.
    57 days ago
    Well said.
    Mum 90, keeps saying it’s not that she ever went out much, it’s that she’s being told she can’t.
    It’s like you say though, it’s the social interaction we all miss.
    57 days ago
  • JUNETTA2002
    Thanks for sharing
    57 days ago
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