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just sayin’ … follow the yellow brick road

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Getting to the end of the day will make 7 days on track. Yep, there was a do-over in there since the first of the year. Emotional stuff … emotional stuff it down, release it eating.

More exerts from Steve #95:

Fat people ignore fit people.
Fit people follow role models.

Expect a fight because old habits, especially habits of thought, are deeply ingrained in your consciousness, and it takes mental toughness and persistence to erase and replace them.

Old habits eventually will give up and new habits will take over.

The secret of success is finding out what other successful people do and copy it.

All you have to do is … follow the yellow brick road.

Critical Thinking Question: Do you have a fit friend or mentor you can use as a role model???

Action Step: Identify someone who exemplifies the level of fitness you wish to attain, and ask them to serve as your role model.

Ummm … as I look around me, I am surrounded by folks who do not value their health … until it's GONE. Hubby is naturally thin … only recently did he have weight issues due to medications. He came off the meds ... and the pounds went away. But his health is great … ok, hereditary high cholesterol … but he’s healthy. My friends are alllll fluffy and have a slew of health issues.

Hubby calls y’all here on Sparks my “imaginary” friends … but I consider y’all REAL friends coz you tell it like it really is. Most my Spark friends are at goal … one of the reasons I chose you … coz I wanted to learn from you. I wanted your support coz you have succeeded. YOU found your way and I want to, too.

Those that are still in the losing mode … let’s band together and follow the yellow brick road. Let’s DO this and join the ranks of TRUE maintainers. I’m tired of maintaining 75 pounds over my goal. This maintaining doesn’t make me a … TRUE maintainer.

Old habits eventually will give up and new habits will take over.

We are still doing home improvements. Yesterday Hubby went to where some tools had been in our make-shift spot. Only to remember we had put them some where else. See skinny people make habits and then re-make them to serve them.

I'm suffering being over weight ... it's time to suffer and make new-long-lasting life and self-happiness supporting NEW habits.

Just do it … already. No matter what.

Change your mind … and the rest WILL follow.

**Within this blog is my longwinded thoughts based on my reading and humble understanding of from Steve Siebold’s Die Fat or Get Tough and years and years and years of searching for thinness and … self-peace.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I pulled out my ruby slippers and am trying to get them on my fat feet!
    emoticon emoticon

    41 days ago
    I remember this lesson a few years back and my motivators were my sister and a coworker/friend that I worked out with at a gym. These two are 5’2” and never more than 5-7 lbs heavier than their normal which is petite! The fact they they were eager to exercise reminded me that fit people work to be fit! So when I got into my poor poor me mantra, their example proved me wrong. I get that from the Seibold teachings that fitness does not just happen for the vast majority of people, even those of average weight. I also know that the average size person is not always fit. Your blog re-reminds me! I want to be strong, healthy and capable! Keep Sparking!
    41 days ago
    Hmmmm . .. . not imaginary friends here to me! LOL

    For sure I believe finding a mentor who models the lifestyle/behaviors/habits you want for yourself is so so helpful. It just helps raise accountability, but also you have support to problem solve as you move through your program.

    HUGS and thanks for the share!
    42 days ago
    " I’m tired of maintaining 75 pounds over my goal."

    Could be worse; I've been maintaining 140 pounds over my goal emoticon I'm definitely on that yellow brick road with you singing and dancing the whole way emoticon
    42 days ago
    I think it's really true that hanging out with maintaining people (and yes, we are REAL and not imaginary people) helps a whole lot . . . because pretty much those who are maintaining a healthy body weight are taking care of themselves. Eating for optimal nutrition, moving for optimal physical fitness . . .

    But: IMHO not so much a "fight" as an attitude of self care, I'm worth it, that yucky high calorie low nutrition food just isn't good enough for me!! Sitting on my butt just isn't good enough for me!!

    Just finished a big bowlful of curried cauliflower lentil and tuna soup: SOOOOO good. Taking Henry for a walk right now in the sunshine through the woods . . . Not a fight, really just what I want to be doing!!.

    42 days ago
    Trying real hard not to let the number on the scale this morning affect my mood and commitment as it was moving down slowly but surely and then blipped up for no apparent reason...possibly the salty ham last night?
    42 days ago
  • no profile photo GOFORGIN
    42 days ago
    42 days ago
    Ooh, ooh... I always wanted to be an imaginary friend! Tell your hubby thanks!


    I only dropped 0.1 pound in m first week of the 5% challenge. emoticon But that's because yesterday in the blizzard I let myself eat emotionally. Fortunately, not too bad choices were available! It was more a volume question.

    New week starting... NOW!
    42 days ago
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