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Get Busy and Forget About Food

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

If, like me, you have found yourself at times obsessing over thoughts of food and feeding as a result of trying to manage your physique, this concept may be helpful. I also often noticed that when I was engrossed in important or enjoyable tasks, time seemed to slip by and meals might be skipped with no sense of loss or regret.

Couple this idea with the observation of many Sparklers that they find that they 'snack' when idle, bored, or at loose ends. Even if your home is 'snack proof', it is possible to overeat with healthy items, perhaps the more so because we are lulled into thinking we only stock healthy foods and can't go astray. How easily we trick ourselves.

DH and I came very close to losing our home to wildfire this past season and with him recently retired and myself unemployed, we have embarked on a project of improving our homes' defensiveness by reducing fuel loads on our property. This is long, tiring, grimy work, clearing brush and ladder fuels by hand. It is cold, sometimes inclement, always backbreaking (you'd think it would get easier over time - nope). Day after day we gain a bit of ground. Every evening, as dusk is falling, we round up tools and head inside to partake of our main meal which we pre-planned. Neither of us enjoys cooking particularly. DH enjoys eating and has observed that he will eat well past the point of adequacy. He will get up from a full, healthy dinner and transition to profound snacking while watching a movie. It appears compulsive in nature and makes me wonder whether my own behavior may be similar. I would like to believe I am a tad further down the path, that my awareness is key to improving my habits. Granted, his metabolism and gender have always worked to his advantage and he was barely overweight at his highest, but the spectre of type 2 diabetes looms over him too now. I hope that I will have learned enough about effectively managing my blood sugars by the time he needs and is ready for the advice and encouragement to take action. Only time will tell.

The point is, that while we are busy and engaged with our project we are not thinking or obsessing about food. It is easier to stick to our pre-planned meals, especially since neither or us likes to cook enough to go to the effort change the plan. I would suggest to the people who are blessed with a love of culinary arts to focus on how to improve the nutrition of your favorite dishes without compromising the overall result. That should appeal to your love of cooking while also posing a challenge that demands your skills. It would be fantastic if you would share your improved versions so that many could benefit. There is a way for us all to follow a path that manages our feeding in healthy ways. Undertaking tasks or projects that engage our attention will take our minds and hands off food with helpful effect.

Covid-19 is a world-wide challenge. We all would like to be liberated from whatever level of 'lock-down' we live under. What project can you take on that will prepare you, your space, your 'paperwork' or affairs in order to allow you the freedom to do whatever you want when the bans are lifted? Engage in something on that list. Get Busy. Keep busy. You'll benefit in multiple ways.

Peace and Care
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