Tuesday January 26th

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

We designated this week to go through many areas of the house and re-sort and reduce.
We did a major job 2 and a half years ago when we moved from 12,000 sq feet down to 5,000 sq feet. But because it happened all within a 5 month window from deciding to look into moving to actually vacating the building, the 5 of us were overwhelmed with decisions and work. (And the place we were moving into was left full as a condition of sale. So, sometimes we decided to keep some things we were not sure about. As time day to move got closer what we did was say "let it go" because we were just so tired of making decisions.

Anyway, knowing there are many areas in the house that need to be reduced further, and things let go of, this is our week. Today was a full day: a large basement storage area with all the cleaning supplies, old computer accessories, holiday decorations and items, craft items, small tools, etc, etc, etc. We also tackled the laundry room which also has all the kitchen pantry shelves, cookbooks-as in LOTS of cookbooks, equipment for baking, etc, etc, etc.

Then we tackled gathering the recycling, made a run to the recycling center that takes things the curbside will not accept. All in a one full day done. Tomorrow we begin again in a couple more areas. The cookbooks are on the huge table in the great room for us to decide which few we are actually going to keep moving forward! (Some of may be taking a few of our favorites to our rooms to keep a bit longer.

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