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Snowshoes? Me? Seriously???

Friday, February 12, 2021

Today I did something I have never done. I have never even thought of doing and now I have to eat my words. My friends do this all the time, every year and they have been telling me that I should go with them and I have been telling them no way, not a chance, never! Today they finally caught me at a low moment and I said OK Fine, I'll go and all the time I am thinking two things - the first one being , I know the area that they usually go for their hikes because I have been there in the summer when the weather is acceptable and there is a little cabin at the beginning of the trail and I am just going to hang out there in the cabin with the heater and I am sure I saw a coffee pot there, too. They can just go and do their thing and I will be fine inside the cabin, just me and the heat and the coffee. Well that didn't happen. The second thing was, if I survive this thing, I am going to do a blog about it because it is SO NOT ME that no one will even believe that I did it. We arrived at the trail about noonish and by the time we got all the gear sorted out it was closer to 1 pm before we got started. Because they had a newby (me) with them they were not going to do the whole trail and that was fine with me. We had the cabin to ourselves because it was so incredibly COLD that no one else was crazy enough to be out there. I kept telling them this but they really weren't listening to me. This is where it gets serious, we got all suited up properly and the amount of gear that we had and the prep required was an eye opener to me. We had beacons and had to send a text to someone in town to let them know where we were and when we were expected back so I am glad that I went with experienced people. When we got started I felt like the Michelin man and promptly fell over so my friend had to try to get me back on my feet and then HE fell over so by this time all of us were laughing so hard that any sense of being serious about this was completely gone. When we finally got started for real I stopped and took a look around and realized for the first time how beautiful it was , nothing but white everywhere and it felt like I was the only person in the world. So quiet, with not even one other foot print but mine. It really is kind of hard to explain the feeling but my friends knew how I felt because they had all been where I am many times. I don't know if I will do it again this year, maybe not, maybe next year but all the complaining and whining I had intended to do just never had a chance. All I can say is I have tried a few new things in the past three years, I've done more walking and some serious hiking a couple of times, I've even tried kayaking but still prefer to keep my feet on sold ground but this snowshoe thing is as close to being perfect as anything I have tried and I am so happy that I agreed to do it. It's a beautiful world even with the pandemic and I am happy that I can tell all of you a little bit about it.
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