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Beyond ..

Friday, February 26, 2021

Books .. books and more books ..
oh yes I do have oodles .. I love books .. usually the books I read are of a holistic health nature .. self help and healing .. as well as spiritual growth.. Bible Study .. books by different authors with study guides
books and journals .. oh yes .. books and journals
my plan for the cottage in my restful time was to read through the many years of journals .. record only significant .. soul messages ..
then burn the rest of the papers in the wood stove.
hmm that is a much larger job than I anticipated .. one i'm not sure I can do page by page .. I might not live that long .. ha ha
besides these journals represent the past .. not now .. not the future ..

Its funny how just a sentence or two from years ago can take me right back to that journal entry day .. where i was siting .. etc etc ..

while tidying up books and journals one of my favourites fell open to a page that I had marked .. the chapter is titled Far, Far Beyond.
here goes
Ultimately the word "beyond" captures the true meaning of spirituality.
In its most basic sense, going beyond means going past where you are.
It means not staying in your current state.
When you constantly go beyond yourself, there are no more limitations.
There are no more boundaries.
Limitations and boundaries only exist at the places where you stop going beyond.
If you never stop, then you go beyond boundaries , beyond limitations, beyond the sense of restricted self.
Beyond is infinite in all directions.
To go beyond you must keep going past the limits you put on things.
This requires changes at the core edge of your being.

wow ..
that is the word I had recorded in my journal for this book .. oh yes when I read .. I write .. I know .. odd .. odd .. odd ..
embracing my weirdness .. my uniqueness .. my essence .. gifts and talents has been a life long process .. may I add with a critical eye ..
how wrong is that ..
we are so ready and easy to beat ourselves up ..
what if we built ourselves up .. honoured the spirit of us .. then pushed beyond ..
accepted beyond
expected beyond
achieved beyond our wildest dreams

along with this entry in my journal was a little purple flash card that says
Positive words for today:
*speak each out loud
our souls love to hear our voices*
feel the emotion .. memory .. each word brings
Ready set GO


there is your homework for today ..

now wrap your arms around you and squeeze .. that is my beyond thankful hug to you for your friendship .. your energy .. your amazing spirit and spark

All is well dear friends .. Oh yes it is .. because it is a choice that begins and ends in our minds ..
Much love ..

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