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Friday, March 05, 2021

Fridays I have more freedom with my schedule than some other days. I really want to be productive today, so I thought I would follow my day via this particular blog post.

Could be r-e-a-l-l-y dry reading...

Goal: To counter act what I see as a bit of a "pack rat" mentality, I am going to push myself to throw out stuff today. For months (years really) spouse and I have been good at re-using and re-cycling; however, something a relative said the other struck me and I want to do a good house clean out and plan for more months of recycling where I can stash stuff in places that aren't community living spaces.
>>>>> objective: fill one trash can
>>>>>objective: fill second trash can (the one at my in-laws house across the street

Goal: Learn as much as possible during upcoming 2-day Zoom therapeutic harp workshop.

>>>> objective: run off and organize music (done with one piece 2 keys)
>>>>objective: practice music
>>>>objective: record at least one piece for my harp teacher
>>>>mini -objective: schedule next lesson

Goal: By the end of the Spring 5 % Challenge, to be up 120 recordable exercise minutes a day.
>>>> objective: add in 5 - 10 minutes of exercise each day this week; at least 5 minutes of chair yoga.

Goal: By the end of the semester (first week of May) I will have cleaned off my "top shelves". We have several upper shelves with room (if organized) on which I can put infrequently used items.

>>>move bucket bench and table near kitchen to store crock pots
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Accomplished: Chair Yoga 40 minutes
Accomplished: approx 100s steps recorded on FitBit
Accomplished: relatively healthy breakfast (Zone Perfect bar and water)
Accomplished: Track my breakfast on SP tracker
Accomplished: 250 steps around the house (yep) FitBit say 1618 now; 45 degrees and fair
Accomplished: another 250 steps around the house (yep) FitBit >3000 steps
Accomplished: scout 333 step markers so that 4 trips around house steps can be done in 3 trips instead.
What does FitBit say... as of 12:30 pm 6331 steps.

Goal: be kind to someone each day; comfort someone who is/has been grieving each week
Objectives: Mail a note to --JH, CA, JR, LK, BJ, CD

Goal: be ready to take a FT job at MTSU, if offered.

Objective: check HR page DONE emoticon
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