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My husband's 70th birthday celebration.

Monday, March 22, 2021

My husband turned 70 on the first day of Spring. Our son and his wife came out to Kentucky from Falling Waters, WV and got here about 3 AM Saturday morning. We all slept in on Saturday, ate breakfast, and then went to the Capitol Market near Charleston, WV. Our son and daughter-in-law intended on buying meat for our freezer. The Market didn't have all the different types of meat to make up the deal we wanted, so we didn't buy any meat.

We ate lunch at the SOHO restaurant while our son made a phone call for work. We had bruschetta with shrimp, and bread with butter on the side and olive oil on the bread. Our daughter-in-law ordered Caprese salad for her husband to eat after he was through with the phone call. We walked through the Market and I got some jam with rhubarb in it and they bought peach butter for my husband. The bought treats for our dog, Bayou, which she really liked,

Our son and his wife bought 5 T-shirts out with them from WV for my husband, but decided they were too long and took them back home with them to exchange them. My husband is going back for his cousin's service. We were told that the State Anatomy Board wouldn't accept his body because it didn't weigh enough. The family had him cremated and will be having a service for him, be the Lord Willing, this Saturday, My husband will stay with our son from Thursday through Saturday to be there for the funeral, and then drive home.

My husband loves hot dogs and our son looked up on his phone, Hillbilly Hot Dogs. Guy Fieri went there and my husband wanted to go there. By the time we got there on Saturday, they had closed for the day. Sunday, after church, we followed our son and wife to Hillbilly Hot Dogs. The place was packed! We each got a hot dog and Kate and I got one order of fries and fried mushrooms to share with the guys.

A beautiful cat jumped up on the picnic table seats to be petted. She was long-haired and we think she was pregnant. She was very loving to Kate and to our son and she let me pet her too. I think she was hoping to get some food, but we didn't give her any.

We had a good time there. There are many things to look at that have been left out in the open to rust. There are two broken-down buses and all the buildings are made of planks and tin. It looks like a place where people never had trash pick up and let their junk sit out on their property. There was an employee that came out and emptied the trash cans, but it reminded me of places where people let their junked cars rust out and have too much stuff lying around. Hillbilly Hot Dogs is on Facebook.

Our son and his wife left to go home after that. Our son bought hot dogs for our pastor and his wife, and for our deacon and his wife, and we took them to them before evening church service. We had a good time, but our time together was too short.

A friend of my husband's that was in the Air Force at the same time and stationed with my husband on two different bases, called him Saturday night. I am glad that they are both living and could talk to each other, My mother outlived all the people she had in her address book.
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