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Still Trying to Find Tradespeople

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Good grief! It's a good thing I don't have any major issues right now. Electricians in this area are ridiculously hard to find. I've left messages at every office and have yet to get a call back to schedule! Since January!! Criminy!

It's taken me since January to get quotes for replacement windows, too, and I'm still waiting for one more quote. Since 19 February!! I left a message with the company today - for the second time. If I don't hear something by Monday, I'm making a decision on the other two quotes!

Last night we got the beginning of a cold front, and the morning temperature was 46 degrees. Hardly freezing weather, but I've got seedlings in trays. They don't do well going from 82 degrees to 46 that quickly. Established plants can handle it, but not seedlings, so I brought them into the laundry room for the night, and put them back out when the day warmed to over 50 degrees. Tomorrow, the low will be 39, and that will continue until Monday!! Needless to say, I'll be getting my exercise taking the plants in and out. To make matters worse, my seedling have been ready for transplanting since last week. If the weather was to remain colder for the next month, I'd pot them up, but I will most likely plant them out next week. in the meantime, my laundry room looks like a garden, LOL!

According to Danny at Deep South Homestead, Spring has officially begun when the leaves on your pecan trees are the size of a mouse's ear. I think that will be Monday for sure, as my trees are starting to bud out.

By next week, this part of the garden should be ready to plant - I can't hardly wait!

So this morning, I got busy in the kitchen and got another 5 lbs of potatoes into the dehydrator. We now have three 1/2 gallon jars full. That should tide us over until we can dig some out of the garden!

When the mail came this afternoon, the lamp shade I'd ordered arrived. About 8 years ago, my late friend, Steve, gave me a small, solid glass table lamp base. The lamp parts were old and worn, and the cord was one of those old, two strands of cloth-covered wire things with a big, bulky plug. Last week the replacement lamp parts came in, so today I put the lamp together!

Well, folks. That was my day. Tomorrow will be shopping and trying to stay warm in the morning!

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