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Thursday Update

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Happy Thursday! emoticon

Oh the pollen is so thick in the air, even DD is feeling it! My goodness! My blue car is turning green from pollen! Yikes! emoticon I do love Spring, though! Soon we will be having the Band booster event and I'll be baking bread for that, several loaves of it! And it is on my birthday! So I don't know if we are going to go to it or not, I'm not volunteering for anything other than the baking.

I'm up and exercising in small bursts most days this week so far. My small bursts feel like they are working. It was abs and arms again yesterday and I sure do feel my abs today. I didn't do as much arms, so I'm not feeling them. Today is glutes. Gotta go get in a few more minutes on the treadmill today. I didn't get in as much this morning, DH had meetings all morning and I could not go walking outside, first it was that the pollen was so thick you could see it. Then it started raining. I'm glad for the rain, we need it. Maybe it will make the pollen not so thick. Get it out of the air. But the sun is out shining again and the birds singing! emoticon

It is Spring Break here, so I'm getting to sleep in, it is spoiling me, LOL! I'm not used to getting this much sleep! Even with the insomnia, I'm able to get at least an hour of extra sleep every day and that is awesome!

Had my dental cleaning today... I dislike dental cleanings, but I love the way my teeth feel afterwards. So worth it.

Some of you may have seen me talk about an afghan I've been working on (for a LONG time now, lol) so below is a pick of where I'm at with it. I'm just needing to put the trim on the edges. You can still see it has the ends hanging off in the pic! Those are gone now and I'm working on putting the edging on, in blue. I'll try to post a pic when I'm done, but I doubt I'll have room to stretch it out again, LOL. The dogs (Hope is on the afghan, Pickles is to the side) would not stay off of it. Hope 'helps' me with it, so she would not stay off of it long enough for me to get a pic of it without her. Again, SP won't show me a preview, so I have no way of knowing if the pic is upside down or sideways!! Hopefully you can get a good look at it.

I have not weighed in ages. I'm not planning on getting on the scale. I should get on the scale this weekend, see where I'm at. And measure. I'm worried that with all the not being able to work out I've gained. I'm still fitting in my jeans. I'm wearing the sun dresses that I ordered. I feel awesome that I am finally wearing sun dresses again. I wear yoga shorts underneath them that match, lol. It has been so long since I have worn short dresses, I normally wear long skirts, I'm worried I'll move wrong and flash someone! So, shorts it is. I'm hoping that I'll get into a rhythm with the short workouts and work my way up to getting over 10K steps a day. And getting my strength training in. I'm focusing in on my nutrition as well. Its that I'm not eating enough. And when I do eat, I usually eat protein, seldom veggies any more, and here recently there has been some ice cream. Gotta cut out the ice cream. I must get more consistent with eating breakfast again, and eating more veggies. Now that I'm thinking about it, it is dinner time, so I'll go get some broccoli started. I think a meal plan would be best. But having one of those is difficult with a family that changes its mind so much, LOL.

Well, better go get those veggies started,

Hope you all are well and stay safe!



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