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ONE YEAR Anniversary

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Whew! I made it to my first anniversary of maintaining my weight at goal. Seems like a good time for reflection so here goes. I was excited to reach my goal but also terrified that I wouldn't be able to maintain the weight loss. I am reaping the benefits of my healthy lifestyle- no more CPAP, able to shop for clothes with joy, reduction in prescription medication for blood pressure, more energy, no more diabetes, normal BMI, more self-confidence. A complete stranger made my day when he said he thought he knew me--cuz he said I was "tall and thin" like the person he thought I was. Thin! I haven't been called that in 30 years!

I am a work in progress. I sought help from other maintainers to help allay my fears and to learn from them. I have had to alter my perspective about "saggy skin"--not to be embarrassed by it but to see it as a badge of honor for the hard work it took to lose the excess weight. I have been tempted to stop weighing, measuring and tracking my food BUT that was the huge mistake I made before and I will NOT make that mistake again. It has helped to look at "before" and "after" photos, to remind myself of past mistakes and to focus on those basic things that worked--water, exercise, adequate rest, stress reduction, calories in/calories out.

This is just the first yearly milestone in what I intend to be many more. I expect there will be challenges and obstacles along the way. I am more confident that I will be able to meet those challenges and overcome those obstacles because my health is absolutely the most important reason for me to maintain this lifestyle. And, it did become a lifestyle. I have made room for the occasional sweet or restaurant meal. I give myself grace for days I don't quite meet my exercise goal-and then I get right back on track.

There are still areas I need to improve-mainly my sodium intake, consistency with strength training, taking more time with and being more mindful with meals. I never would have been able to get where I am without the SparkPeople community.

Thank you to my Azure Destinations and Powerful Prism Panther teammates in BLC (and all the BLC admins).
Thank you to everyone on the At goal and maintaining and Transitioning to maintenance team.
Thank you to ALL my Spark friends who have been here with me.

One year and counting.............
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