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All my bags are packed

Friday, April 09, 2021

Well when I say packed, I mean there's stuff in them.  Not 'packed' in the sense of full up.  In fact there's nothing in my backpack atm.  I'll put my tablet and camera in tomorrow, along with a book to read, and my face shield for on the train.  I'll also pack my washing stuff, toothbrush and paste etc tomorrow. So why such a large suitcase?  Especially given I normally just take my backpack.  Well, when I went for the festive season, I took the backpack plus a small suitcase [not to mention the bags and packages stuffed in SIL's car that contained all my gifts for the family, plus random bits of veg given it was a sudden, earlier than planned departure].  But I was given so many wonderful presents that my daughter had to lend me a large suitcase to get them back home.  So I'm taking her suitcase back and will return with my much smaller one.  

I'm sure I've told you this before but back in the day when Peetee and I used to go camping and touring, I was allowed one pannier for EVERYTHING I wanted to take, regardless of where we were going or for how long.  You can't blame the guy - two up on a motorbike, with tent, doss bags, etc, there was no room to be precious about having to take x number of pairs of shoes/handbags/changes of clothes/whatever.  "Bring whatever you like but that's your space for packing it" he'd say.  End of.  I learned to pack light.  I am the only woman in history who has experienced a b/f saying she hasn't packed enough as some years later the newish b/f and I were going to Majorca for a week and he was adding things of mine to my bag because 'you might need/want this'.  

Compare and contrast with a trip I took to Corfu with a girlfriend for ten days.  She had two HUGE bags.  In fact her 'hand luggage' was larger than my main holdall.  She had 9 pairs of shoes, plus slippers and flip flops, not to mention 9 matching handbags, and a full length ball gown - plus various other items regarding which I will maintain discretion.  We were staying in a little harbour with 3 bars, 1 disco, and lots of fishing boats ffs.  Great holiday mind.  


Bright blessings
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