Monday, April 12, 2021

The dreaded plateau...that’s where I am. Except for me, I know why. And it’s self-driven. I’m not as diligent as I was...I’m allowing myself sweets and chips and breads...something that was practically eliminated from my regimen last year. I’m not as active as I was...I manage to get a walk about every other day (used to walk daily), but haven’t done any weight lifting or core exercises....something I was faithful in doing a year ago. And I am finding myself drinking a glass (or two) of wine or beer about 3 or 4 days per week...something I had allowed only once weekly last year. This is why I say it’s self driven.

Knowing this logically, is not motivating me to conquer it however. My motivation is lacking. I can’t find my mojo! Logically, I know if I quit drinking wine or beer the rest will fall into place. Logically, I know that I should set small goals and focus on achieving them...plot out the course, etc. logically I know I should focus on eliminating one thing that is stalling my progress. But emotionally, I’m not there...I’m struggling.

Maybe it’s time to just shake things up. Start something new and build on it. Yesterday we had a lovely day visiting friends and family. It was our granddaughter’s 13th birthday. I baked her a cake, bought a gift, and we drove two hours to meet them for lunch. I ate a lovely salad of greens, fruit and shrimp w a glass of water...and ate a slice of cake (Devine, I must admit). We basked in celebrating her birthday and getting to see each other as a family. Afterwards, we drove to our friends house who live 5 min from the restaurant for a short visit. Here is where the “shake up my regimen” theory comes from.

My gf has been following a program for 12 weeks, called E2M, and has had tremendous success...she’s lost thirty pounds in just 12 weeks! She is on her second round of this program (each round is 8 weeks...much like our 5% Seasonal Challenges in SP). She has access to virtual trainers and workouts, chefs, and a whole team of motivational leaders and team mates. The diet is incredibly restrictive...essentially no dairy, no carbs, lots of lean meats and green veggies, and healthy fats. It also involves intermittent fasting, about 16-18 hours/day. We talked at great length about the program, and I gotta tell ya...seeing is believing. She looks and feels great!

She gave me a copy of week one which lists foods allowed and the daily exercise routine...a lot of circuit training plus cardio, abs, strength training, and stretching. The diet and exercises vary week by week, but essentially what she gave me is the core of the program. It is tempting, not gonna lie. But I have a problem with programs that eliminate entire food groups...such as dairy and carbs. I asked her where she gets her calcium requirements, and she said from her veggies. There’s no way she’s getting 1200mg/day of calcium from there?

My thought was I could try for a week. Continue tracking my diet and exercise w SP trackers and then view the reports to determine if my nutrient needs are being met. I’ll try the workouts...or maybe find some videos that do some circuit training. Lord knows it would be beneficial! And then decide if I want to try the program. It’s not cheap...that’s my main hesitancy. It’s $40/week for 8 weeks...a big chunk of change for this old gal on a retirement income. But once you pay, you have access to the program for life. You can take as many rounds as you want. It’s a lot to consider...the cost, the benefit, and whether it’s a lifestyle I can live with. SP offers all this for free. So...there is that.

Regardless...I need to shake things up. At the rate I’m going, I’ll gain all my weight back in a year...and I don’t want that! I’m still participating in the 5% challenge, but I need to reassess my regimen and...shake it up! Wish me luck!
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  • LINDA!
    I also have lost my mojo. I am still exercising regularly. However, I have allowed too many calories.
    31 days ago
    Well, both my husband and I were enjoying too much wine and beer during this pandemic. In February, he experienced a health crisis that meant NO alcohol for at least 6 months. In support, I also have cut way back, maybe 2 glasses of wine or beer a week, instead of daily. He's lost 20 pounds, and I've lost 5-7. I miss the pleasure of relaxing with a drink at happy hour, but the lost belly fat has been a pleasant compensation.

    On the plus side, we've saved a fair amount of money as well.

    emoticon It rarely hurts to try something new, your friend's program might work for you or it might not.
    31 days ago
    32 days ago
    Except for the beer & wine your struggle sounds like mine. My mind says you've done it before you can do it, but the mojo isn't there. I have everything needed to get back to it, I have a vacation coming this summer.
    32 days ago
    You can do it!
    32 days ago
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