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Sample, Sauna, Sleep

Thursday, May 06, 2021

The three esses (The name of the Latin script letter S/s.).

Sample ... it has been collected and shipped. It will be another couple of weeks before results can be expected. Given that toxicity (particularly environmental toxins) has been a concern for quite some time, I am extremely curious to see what (if anything) will be revealed in the results.

Sauna ... I have managed to increase the sauna sessions from 2 mins 30 secs to 3 mins 30 secs and have also had back-to-back sessions (meaning one day after another) once. Depending on how things go today, I will attempt the second back-to-back session.

A technician is expected to visit today. This is the second time in less than 3 weeks that our internet service has gone down. Yesterday, we lost telephone service as well. A couple of weeks ago the issue was resolved remotely. Although both the internet and telephone service were restored remotely last night, a technician is still being sent to the house. Remotely, there were no apparent issues with our equipment. Both times we were told the issue is theirs, meaning they can see signaling issues associated with equipment not within our home.

Sleep ... I woke to see a 6-day streak of sleep times within the 7 to 9 hour window. The decrease in sleep times has been dramatic since the nutritional protocol was introduced to address the toxicity revealed in the results of the OAT (organic acid test).

January ... 11 hrs 21 mins
Feruary ... 10 hrs 3 mins ... began working with ME specialist & OT, mobility aids employed
March ... 9 hrs 40 mins ... continued work with ME specialist & OT, OAT results received
April ... 8 hrs 48 mins ... nutritional protocal implemented early in month + sauna sessions
May ... 7 hrs 49 mins ... it's only 5 days of sleep at this point.

In essentially a month, the sleep time average has come down nearly 2 hours per night from early April to early May. That's dramatic!

Work with the clinical nutritionist has been ongoing. Working with her is nothing new. The involvement of the ME specialist, the OT and others (endocrinologist, allergist) is new.

The combination of things employed since February is certainly affecting sleep times.

Have yet to return to the lab for bloodwork to check a smorgasbord of things: allergies, cancer, Cu, thyroid. That will likely need to wait until next week.

Call just came in from the technician. Masking up and getting out of dodge. emoticon

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